Deploy "FIX IT" dengan Desktop Central

Steps to deploy “Fix it” using Desktop Central

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Security threats are like blazing fire the faster you take preventive action, the lesser the mess it will be, especially when it comes to bugs. This is exactly the case with Internet Explorer. Hackers are using bug to launch attacks. It became such an outrage that BSI or German government’s Federal Office for Information Security advised all users of Internet Explorer to look at an alternative browser until Microsoft releases a security update.
“Prevention is better than cure”- You need to be cautious in order to avoid any malicious threats that can attack the systems. Microsoft is releasing Out-of-band release tomorrow but till then you need to make sure your systems are protected. For this reason, you need to deploy “Fix It” (temporary quick fix). To do it quickly using Desktop Central, follow the steps below:
Click the below link to download the Fix it file:
Under software deployment tab in Desktop Central
Click “package” tab
Click “Add Package” and configure Network Share
Enter Package Details (Application name, Path type, MSI file name with network path)
Click ‘Add Package’
Deploy the  package to the targeted systems.
Now, you can make sure that for every system “fix it” is deployed.