Selamat kepada UGM yang telah memilih FusionCharts

Selamat kepada UGM yang telah memilih salah satu produk FUSIONCHARTS untuk menampilkan DASHBOARD yang indah.

FusionWidgets XT is the perfect addition to all your executive dashboards, live "up-to-the-second" stock monitors, process monitoring applications and financial applications where KPI's and other critical data are monitored in real time. It brings to you the combined experience of programmers and information visualizers in a set of extremely easy-to-use controls. Leveraging JavaScript (HTML5) and Flash, FusionWidgets XT functions seamlessly on PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and a majority of other mobile devices.
With FusionWidgets XT, you get a wide variety of gauges and charts including dial charts, linear gauges, Gantt charts, funnel charts, sparklines and data-streaming column, line and area charts. You can integrate these controls with any web technology and database, and the implementation is a breeze.
FusionWidgets XT is a part of the FusionCharts Suite XT, but functions independently of the other products in the suite as well.
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  • Stunning looks that will wow your audience: With animated gauges and charts, beautiful gradients and well thought-out designs, the visual appeal of FusionWidgets XT is sure to wow your audience.
  • Gets you started in 15 minutes: FusionWidgets XT is quick to install and easy to integrate. Our extensive documentation, business demos and easy-to-understand code samples get you started in 15 minutes.
  • Gives your users a complete reporting experience: FusionWidgets XT comes packed with smart reporting capabilities like real-time charting, tooltips and interactive legends that give your users a complete reporting experience.
  • Works with all web technologies and databases: FusionWidgets XT works with ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and even simple HTML pages. It connects to any database (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL) and web service to pull data from them as well.
  • Comprehensive range of charts enable the right analysis every time: FusionWidgets XT supports a variety of gauges and charts like dial charts, linear gauges, LEDs, cylinder gauge, thermometers, Gantt charts, funnel & pyramid charts, bullet graphs and sparklines. This ensures that your data always has the right face, and helps your users analyze it correctly every single time.
  • Plot live stocks, network and manufacturing data: Most of the charts in FusionWidgets XT support real-time updating capabilities. The charts update themselves at specified intervals by fetching new data, without invoking page refreshes. This makes live monitoring of stocks, network or manufacturing data highly easy and effective.
  • AJAX-enabled Charts with extensive JavaScript API: All charts in FusionWidgets XT are tightly integrated with JavaScript. This allows client-side chart or attribute updates, listening to chart events, maintaining chart states and replicating it. Real-time charts can also pass on data to client-side JavaScript modules thereby enabling tight synchronization between your front-end and data model.
  • Allows your users to export the maps as images,PDF and CSV: While maps are generated using JavaScript (HTML5) and Flash, they can also be exported to JPG, PNG or PDF. The data can also be copied from the chart as CSV. This can be done either through user interaction or programmatically.
  • Industry-leading component trusted by Fortune 500 companies and the web's most popular sites: With over 20,000 customers and 450,000 users, FusionCharts Suite XT(which FusionWidgets XT is a part of) is the industry's leading enterprise-grade charting component.