Update terbaru ME Netflow Analyzer

Update terbaru ME Netflow Analyzer

We are glad to announce the release of NetFlow Analyzer 9.7 Build 9700. We take this opportunity to thank all our customers and users for their feedback and the continued support.

Following features are the highlights of this release:
1) Support for IP SLA Video Operations.
   *  IP SLA - Video operations acts as a stress tester on the network. One can validate the effect of rich media applications on the performance of other applications on the network. This helps a great deal in ensuring that the network can handle video traffic smoothly and effectively.

2) Google maps visualization v3.
   *  Google deprecated Google maps API version 2. We now support API version 3 in NetFlow Analyzer 9.7 Build 9700 to provide customers the ability to use Google maps.

3) Interface groups in billing module.
   *  The latest version allows user to create bill plans for interface group along with interfaces and IP Groups

4. Security Filter.
 *  We have introduced security filters in NetFlow Analyzer which helps prevent SQL injections and URL based attacks on NetFlow Analyzer server.

Major Bug Fixes :-

The new release includes following bug fixes:
1. Vulnerabilities reported in earlier versions are fixed.
2. Service start-up issues in Windows 2008 have been fixed.
3. Mail Authentication issues have been fixed.

Customers can upgrade to the latest version with existing data and configuration by applying the appropriate service packs.

Click here for Service Packs to upgrade to NetFlow Analyzer BUILD 9700.
You can contact us at netflowanalyzer-support@manageengine.com for your queries regarding the product. We will be glad to assist you at any time.