Akses AKCP Anda dari iPhone

Dengan menggunakan AKCP AKCess Pro Server, kita dapat mengakses informasi dan video yang ada di AKCP.

Don’t hesitate to tune in live to any event using our State of the Art iPhone Application. Once installed the AKCess Pro Server has an additional client that can be installed on an Apple iPhone device. This connects to your server giving you 24/7 remote access to your workplace.
AKCess Pro iPhone application keeps you up to date even when you are on the go.  The snapshots below illustrate a sensor event notification, live video feeds, followed by our playback feature allowing you to access previously recorded footage from anywhere in the world.  AKCP gives you instant access to your facility anytime regardless of where you are or what you are doing.
iPhone Application
The Sensors and cameras are integrated allowing easy review of events with such items as door openings, motion detection, loud noises and environmental factors in both graphical and video formats. This makes it easy to monitor video cameras and devices wherever you are in the world and is perfect for remote Access Control applications.
View who and when someone is trying to enter a secure room and check on the environmental aspects like temperature or humidity. You get the same comprehensive access to AKCess Pro devices and cameras but in an easy to use Apple iPhone interface.