Hati-hati dengan BYOD

Achtung! Your end-users have grave misperceptions about bring your own device (BYOD). In a recent survey of 2,243 enterprise workers, there was a resounding chorus of concerns that BYOD would transform IT from helpful business partner into an Orwellian Big Brother keeping round-the-clock tabs on all device activity.
We took it upon ourselves to do a bit of detective work on the topic to test our hypothesis on the privacy breaching backlash of BYOD. Scroll down to view the whole infographic, which breaks down how workers feel about employers having control over their personal smartphones and tablets. Lo and behold, the survey results were on par with expectations—the overwhelming majority concerned about moderation of on-device activity and the privacy of data contained thereon.
Fortunately, BYOD Privacy Settings can be enabled to eliminate the collection of personally identifiable information (PII), such as physical location or personal app inventory. Click to learn more, or scroll to the bottom to view our most recent webinar on the topic: Separation of Corporate and Personal: Best Practices for Securing Data on Mobile Devices.