Beragam platform Load balancing dari JetNexus

jetNEXUS Application Delivery Control Technology 
Load Balancing Platforms
jetNEXUS ADC and load balancing solutions are available in a variety of formats to offer great flexibility for easy integration into client networks. This document is designed to help you decide which platform is best suited for your environment. 
Hardware Load Balancer 
A Hardware load balancer is a more traditional approach to load balancing. A hardware load balancer is an appliance platform meaning that it is a fully integrated solution - Software, custom OS and specialised hardware designed to reliably run together. A Hardware load balancer can be easily installed and removed from the network with no third party dependencies – Except the network!

Advantages . Predictable and quantified performance
. Complete solution
. One vendor to manage
. Simplified support model
. No understanding of OS or hardware compatibility required 

Hardware Load Balancer Products available:

Hardware Load Balancer Configurations

Hardware Load Balancer Configurations
Virtual Appliance Load Balancer 
A virtual Load Balancer is based on the principle of virtualisation and, more specifically, virtual machines.

A virtual machine is a self contained software product including an operating system and application designed to run in a virtual environment such as VMware or Microsoft Virtual Server.

Traditionally virtual load balancers have not been able to perform as well as required, however, with significant improvements in virtualisation technology and hardware performance, this is no longer the case.

Multiple jetNEXUS Virtual Appliances can be run across multiple virtual servers providing the same level of resilience as the hardware appliance. 

Advantages . Improve IT resource utilisation
. Reduce Power requirements
. Increased flexibility for deployment
. Highly scalable solution
. Space savings
. Can be deployed as clustered configuration for resilience

Virtual Load Balancer Products Available

Virtual Appliance Load Balancing Configuration

Virtual Appliance Load Balancing Configuration
ISO Software Load Balancer 
As the power capabilities of standard computing hardware has evolved, so has the development of load balancing software solutions that can be installed on standard hardware and Operating Systems. The jetNEXUS ISO software Load Balancer is a fully integrated solution complete with operating system and installer in one. This type of solution delivers maximum flexibility to users, enabling them to take the powerful architecture of a hardware solution and build onto almost any server hardware platform of their choice. 

Advantages . Fully integrated software product with OS
. Eliminate requirement for dedicated specialised hardware
. Easy to deploy
. Environmentally responsible solution
. Can be configured as a pair for high availability

Software Load Balancer Products Available

Software Load Balancing Configuration

Software Load Balancing Configuration