Solusi Jaringan untuk UKM

The significant driver for today’s economy is the small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs) in terms of development and innovation to the economic integration and competitiveness. “Start-ups” and “Young Entrepreneurs” gradually play more important role in this segment (2012 APEC Leaders' Declaration).
The right information and communication technologies (ICT) help these small guys stay focused on their core competency in order to compete against big players. DrayTek hence launches SMEE Business Network Solutions to offer the state-of-the-art solutions at the affordable price for SMMEs.

Reliable connectivity
The dual WAN interface of the Vigor routers avoids the Internet connection downtime from one single Internet Service Provider (ISP). The Vigor routers offer WAN connection failover and load-balancing to ensure your organization to stay connected. The USB port acts as USB WAN for 3.5G/4G LTE mobile broadband, another practical way to backup the access.

Utilization of cloud-based applications
The Vigor routers can handle the Internet feed over 100Mbps for the bandwidth consumed cloud-based applications. This drives down the SMEEs’ initial investment and allows them to only adopt the thin client hardware for the better bottom line.

Robust firewall protection
DrayTek implements the advanced firewall features to ensure the network security. Business users can avoid the damage cost by outside attacks and internal inappropriate activities.

Multi-site secure communication
The VPN feature can deliver the secure remote access for both site-to-site and client-site needs. In addition to the data exchange, the VoIP over VPN feature prevent the essential conversation from eavesdropping.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
DrayTek delivers the secure 802.11n Wi-Fi to satisfy BYOD demands. You can choose the access point to extending coverage for the better collaboration.

Employee productivity optimization
The recommended Vigor routers all work with the Smart Monitor Traffic Analyzer to help the management team reduce employees’ time waste on unnecessary activities.

The DrayTek SMEE Business Network Solutions provides advanced hardware and software product lineup to establish a secure and productive workplace with ease.

  • WAN failover and load-balancing
Dual WAN and USB WAN (3.5G/4G LTE) ensure reliable connectivity.
(e.g. Vigor2830 Series)

  • High-speed Internet for cloud-based applications
Your thin client PCs can run those mission-critical business applications offered by the Cloud.
(e.g. Vigor2920 Series)


  • Firewall with Content Security Management
CSM (Content Security Management) enables users to control and manage IM (Instant Messenger) and P2P (Peer-to-Peer) applications more efficiently.

  • VPN protection for secure remote access
Vigor solutions support both LAN-to-LAN (site-to-site) and Remote dial-in (client-to-site) in PPTP/L2TP/IPSec that helps tele-worker access corporate data/application in anytime/anywhere.


  • Advance management of WLAN network (BYOD)
Offer multiple encryption / MAC address control and separate guest and private areas by Multi-SSID
Extending wireless connection

  • Smart Monitor Traffic Analyzer
    No matter network logging record, e-mail record or IM chatting record, or file downloading, SIP call, VPN connection and more. “Timeline” feature gives you in-depth understanding how every employee spends the working hours in order to find way to enhance productivity.
Smart Monitor timeline