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Triple Recognition for Password Manager Pro this year! World’s Mightiest Enterprises Repose Trust!

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The IT divisions of three of world’s largest organizations – software maker, retail chain and virtualization platform provider have deployed Password Manager Pro to manage their privileged passwords this year!
Triple Recognition for Password Manager Pro
With 2012 fast drawing to a close, we just looked back and reflected on the year just gone by. What a fabulous year it has been! Password Manager Pro has continued its winning streak all along!
While we have kept our existing customers across the globe very happy, the product has won the business and goodwill of a great number of large enterprises as new customers. With the addition of new customers in 2012, we are thrilled to see Password Manager Pro in action with over 50,000 administrators and over 150,000 users logging in everyday to securely access and manage millions of passwords.
As in the past, enterprises of various types, sizes and domains have chosen Password Manager Pro this year. But, specifically, a great number of large enterprises, including many Fortune 500 companies have deployed Password Manager Pro to control access to their IT infrastructure in 2012. This includes the IT divisions of three of World’s largest organizations, truly giants in their respective segments having a great brand value and recognition all over the world.
World’s largest software maker, world’s largest retail chain and world’s largest virtualization platform provider and global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions have chosen Password Manager Pro this year to manage the privileged identities in their massive IT infrastructure.
IT Managers and admins of these enterprises find Password Manager Pro to be highly easy-to-use and cost-effective; offering rock-solid security with proven encryption standards; improving operational efficiency by automatically resetting passwords across remote systems enforcing standards; providing a highly secure way to selectively share passwords; offering high-availability architecture at no extra cost. No wonder they chose Password Manager Pro!
While taking pride on delivering value to our customers, we are certainly not going to become complacent. Though our customers had been very kind and reposed trust, they have not failed to point out their concerns, comments, pain points and constructive criticisms. We have received a good number of feature requests too. We are giving sincere attention to all the feedback with a view to make the product better and win back the trust of a handful of dissatisfied customers. This is our promise for 2013.
Thank you all and wish you a secure, wonderful festive season!
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