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Pemasangan firepro

DCMS baru saja selesai melakukan pemasangan FirePro sebagai fire extinguisher system untuk ruang data center.Hubungi kami untuk keperluan fire extinguisher Anda.

Rak ber-MCB

Salah satu instalasi di lokasi klien adalah Rack dengan MCB di dalamnya, sangat cocok utk kemudahan kontrol di dalam rak.

12 Steps to a Greener Datacenter

When it comes to modernizing your data center, what’s good for the earth is also good for your business. Phasing in an environmentally-friendly data center can both lower your organization’s carbon footprint and reduce your operating costs. An enterprise with a large datacenter can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in energy bills by adopting sustainable and efficient IT technologies that minimize your environmental impact. This 12-part checklist can help you start the green IT transformation:

1. Review your organization’s IT infrastructure and inventory
The first step in any project where you propose to save costs, eliminate waste, optimize performance, and
increase efficiency is to know precisely what you already have. A clear inventory helps you understand what new equipment is necessary to purchase and what old equipment should be discarded. It also sets a baseline so that you can understand from what position you are making changes. This will help in performance, monitori…

Magic Quadrant for Externally Facing Social Software

Magic Quadrant for Externally Facing Social Software 25 August 2011
Jeffrey Mann, Nikos Drakos, Adam Sarner, Tom Austin, Carol Rozwell, Chris Fletcher
Research Note G00214775
Vendors of externally facing social software have focused on adding functions to meet expectations in a swiftly developing market. However, the next functions to be added involve more risk for customers, and vendors have only just started to help them ensure that deployments achieve their goals.
What You Need to Know Those buying externally facing social software (EFSS) should not apply the same processes as they would for classic enterprise software purchases. The EFSS …