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10 Tips for Controlling IT Costs

Ideas for cutting costs, improving efficiency, and optimizing service delivery in the midst of never-ending budget cuts. By Dian Schaffhauser02/01/12 In the new normal of savaged IT budgets, CIOs are cutting costs, eliminating waste, and finding ways to deliver services more efficiently than ever. Here are 10 ideas to help boost your cost-fighting powers.
1. Practice Zero-Based Budgeting
When Louise Finn joined Loyola University Maryland as CIO in 2007, she recalls having a "year of bliss." She came in right after the start of the fiscal year, the economy was still upbeat, and she had the opportunity to assess IT services against her budget without any great pressure. During her second year, she decided to take her management staff through a zero-based budgeting exercise.
This practice, she explains, requires managers to "justify every single dollar that they're asking for." In her case, she had five directors who had been in place for years. "It&…