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Selamat kepada AXA SERVICES Indonesia

Selamat kepada PT AXA SERVICES INDONESIA yang telah memilih solusi ADManager. Dengan menggunakan ADManager maka manajemen Active Directory akan lebih mudah.
Active Directory ReportsReports on Windows Active Directory arm an administrator with essential information on Active Directory Infrastructure and Objects. ADManager Plus is a simple, easy-to-use, web-based, secure and cost-effective Active Directory Management & Reporting tool. This software on MS Windows AD is compatible with MS Exchange Server 2007/2010, extracts vital data from Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Active Directory Environment in minimal time and displays it in an easily understandable format. Administrators, help desk technicians, auditors and other users, who have access to active directory information, can efficiently control, create and manage Users, Objects, Contacts, Domains, OUs, Groups, Computers, Exchange, Printers and configure any LDAP attribute in the native Active Directory. ADManag…

Featured Review: ManageEngine OpManager 9

Featured Review: ManageEngine OpManager 9 by
Are you winning the battle to tame your network? Or are you constantly are surprised by servers running out of disk space and bandwidth shortages? Does the ring of your cell phone make you shudder and wonder what just broke? If you answered yes, then you need better network management software!
ManageEngine’s OpManager can help you take control of the network. OpManager is a powerful network management system that includes features like network monitoring, alarm notification, health reporting, and more.
Features OpManager has a long list of features that make network monitoring simple and efficient, including some great new features over earlier versions. Some of the new features include:
Hyper-V support – OpManager now provides Hyper-V tracking, monitoring, and inventory features.New Improved UI – Menus have been reworked for easier navigation and more intuitive use.REST API – New APIs …

Selamat kepada PT.GEM

Selamat kepada PT.GEM yang telah memilih dan mengimplementasi Fire Extinguisher dengan menggunakan produk FIREPRO.