Update terbaru dari Desktop Central 8 Build 80226

 We are happy to announce the latest hotfix to Desktop Central 8 - Build 80226.
Here's the complete list of enhancements & bug fixes over previous hotfix:


  1. USB Audit, a new feature, has been added to audit the usage of USB devices in the network.
  2. A new profile to configure the Access Point has been added for iOS devices.
  3. Ability to restrict the access of data based on its ratings has been included for iOS devices.
  4. Patch Scanning has been optimized to reduce the CPU/memory usage and scanning time.
  5. Patch Deployment has been optimized
  6. System Manager, a new feature, is added to view the currently running process and services of remote computers.
  7. SoM policy is enhanced with options to sync only the modified data and sync all data.
  8. You will now be able to query the Postgres database used by Desktop Central programatically.
  9. Query Report has been enhanced to fetch reports for the current month.
  10. You will now be able to customize the email content for Enrollment and App Distribution notifications.
  11. ServiceDesk Plus can now share the warranty information from Desktop Central inventory in integrated mode.
  12. Now, software configurations can be installed/uninstalled using logged on user's privilege.

Bug Fixes

  1. Issue in deploying patches to a "dynamic custom group" has been fixed
  2. Issue in showing a long number for the "Next Inventory Scan" in Desktop Central Tray icon has been fixed
  3. Issue in sending truncated content in a help desk ticket when the content has a colon (':') has been fixed
  4. Issue in showing duplicate computers in SoM page has been fixed.
  5. Issue in fetching scheduled report for computers with/without a specific software has been fixed.
  6. When a configuration is modified and redeployed, the configuration was saved as a draft instead of getting deployed. This has been fixed
  7. When a custom group is chosen as one of the targets to a configuration, issue in retaining the target when the configuration is modified has been fixed.
  8. Issue in saving a configuration with failed targets from an existing configuration has been fixed
  9. Issue while installing the hotfix has been fixed.
  10. When you have integrated Desktop Central with ServiceDesk Plus, issue in displaying the Software Packages under the Software Deployment tab has been fixed
  11. While executing batch file in Software Deployment, "incorrect function" issue has been fixed.
  12. Issue in displaying duplicate printers in Inventory has been fixed.
  13. Issue in wrongly detecting computers in "Global Exclusion list" under Prohibited Software has been fixed.
  14. Issue in logging into Desktop Central using Active Directory credentials in specific cases has been fixed.
  15. Invalid entries found in Desktop Central event message under "Windows Event Viewer" has been fixed.
  16. Issue in removing an Email or Exchange Active Sync profiles from a device has been fixed.
  17. Issue in fetching machine type for Lenovo computers to verify the warranty details has been fixed.
  18. Issue in distributing paid Apps to more than one device has been fixed.
  19. Issue in removing one of the domains from the target by modifying a deployed patch configuration has been fixed.
  20. While using Windows XP operating system, issue in not displaying chat window and configuration in progress window has been fixed.
  21. When a user has logged on to multiple computers, issue in fetching the list of computers has been fixed. Ability to search computers from the list is also added.
  22. Issue in loading SoM policy page has been fixed.
  23. Issue in applying cookie settings for Safari browser has been fixed.
You can download the Hotfix and install as per the instructions provided there.
To download complete product , which includes these enhancements, visit our website.

Auditing USB Device Usage Capability Added

Now, Desktop Central is equipped with USB device auditing feature that helps you to retrieve information about the usage of pen drives, CD’s or any other portable storage devices that might jeopardize company’s information. Learn More >>

Mobile Device Management for iOS Enhanced

Mobile Device Management for iOS devices has been enhanced to configure the access point that a device should use for Wifi connections and to restrict viewing data based on its region-wise ratings.

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