3CX untuk multi-tenant, solusi hosted PBX

3CX telah setahun menawarkan produk hosted PBX berbasis windows.

3CX Delivers Cloud-Ready Version of 3CX Phone System

3CX Phone System Multi Tenant enables resellers to offer a hosted PBX service

3CX Delivers Cloud Ready Version of 3CX Phone SystemLondon UK, February 17 2012 – 3CX, international telecommunications developer of Windows-based PBX software, today announced the release of 3CX Phone System Multi Tenant – a cloud-ready version of its popular VoIP IP PBX, 3CX Phone System, which allows 3CX Partners to offer their customers a hosted 3CX service in an easy, cost effective manner whilst still retaining control of the customer account.
One Server, Ten 3CX Phone Systems
3CX Phone System Multi Tenant opens up the market for 3CX Partners as it allows them to host 3CX Phone System for smaller companies who don’t want their own dedicated server. The Multi Tenant version of 3CX is cost effective as Partners can now host up to ten 3CX Phone System instances on just one Windows operating system. This allows Partners to save on additional hardware costs as well as Windows licenses. Windows administration and management is greatly reduced as there’s only one server, rather than ten.
Retain Control of Your Customer
3CX Partners no longer need to give up control of their customers to a 3rd party hosting company as 3CX Phone System Multi Tenant allows Partners to host their customer’s PBX themselves. Previously, some 3rd party companies could take control of the customer account and push the 3CX Partner out of the loop, which is now no longer the case.
Customers Prefer Dealing with Trusted Resellers
Customers prefer dealing with their trusted local 3CX Partner who knows their needs rather than with an unknown 3rd party hosting company.
Retain Support Revenue of Your Customer
With 3CX Phone System Multi Tenant, 3CX Partners have complete control over the hosted PBX and can therefore offer technical support and generate recurring income from their customers. With 3rd party hosting companies, the customer would deal directly with them rather than with the 3CX Partner, which would result in the Partner losing their support revenue.
3CX Partners can license each tenant individually, depending on the edition (Mini, Small, Business or Pro) the customer requires. Also, should a company need Advanced Real Time Queue Statistics, as well as Listen, Listen and Whisper and Barge in features, for example, 3CX resellers can upgrade the individual tenant license to include the 3CX Call Center Module.
3CX Phone System Multi Tenant also allows for easy backup and restoration of each individual PBX without affecting any other tenants.
“With the multi-tenant version, 3CX Phone System is now fully ‘cloud ready’. Resellers can easily offer a hosted version of 3CX whilst retaining control of deployment and customer accounts. A hosted PBX is especially suitable for smaller installs of up to ten extensions and will offer resellers recurring income,” said Nick Galea, 3CX CEO.
How to get 3CX Phone System Multi Tenant