Apa yang baru di OpManager Versi 10

What’s new in OpManager v10?

Applications Monitoring Plugin

Monitor mission critical applications from OpManager console

OpManager provides Applications Monitoring plugin for a gaining visibility into the performance of your mission critical applications such as Oracle, SAP, Sharepoint, Websphere, etc. from a single integrated console. The plugin also includes options to monitor end-user experience and in-depth application performance in real-time. OpManager's network monitoring capabilities combined with applications monitoring provides visibility into the network, system and application layers. [Watch Video]
Applications Monitoring Plug-in APM Plug-in - Admin View APM Plug-in - Insight Content APM Plug-in - Reports
Applications Monitoring Plug-in

Hardware Health Monitoring

Monitor temperature, voltage, power, fan speed, etc.

OpManager's hardware health monitor enables you to out-of-the-box monitor and get alerted on the state of key device parameters such as temperature, voltage, power, fan speed, storage, memory, status of processors, disk arrays, etc. of HP, Dell, Cisco, VMware, Juniper devices etc. It allows you to analyze your network hardware health trend by providing periodic historical reports, and optimize hardware resources accordingly. [Watch Video]
Hardware Health Monitoring

Failover support for Central server

Ensure high availability

A hot standby is very essential to ensure an always-monitored network. OpManager now extends its failover/redundancy support for Central server also. In case of a Central primary failure, the secondary automatically takes position seamlessly. Once the primary is restored, the secondary loses control and simply updates its database with the primary. Earlier in OpManager Enterprise Edition, the failover support was available with Probes only.
Failover support for Central server

VMware monitoring through vSphere API

Gain in-depth visibility into your VMware environment

OpManager now monitors your VMware ESX/ESXi and VMs via vSphere. This helps you gain in-depth visibility into the overall VMware environment and also identify the worst performing hosts and VMs in real-time. OpManager also identifies vMotion. [Watch Video]
VMware monitoring through vSphere API

IPv6 Support

Monitor IPv6 network devices and servers

OpManager provides support for monitoring IPv6 network devices and servers. IPv6 devices can be added to OpManager by providing their IP range or by uploading a CSV file. After device discovery, device templates along with the essential monitors are applied on the IPv6 devices and monitored for performance. [Watch Video]
IPv6 Support

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