Aplikasi SNMP to SMS

Pernah terpikir aplikasi simple yang bisa digunakan untuk menerima SNMP, mengambil data SNMP dan dikirimkan ke SMS  ?

OZEKI menyediakan kemampuan :

SNMP network monitoring and SMS notifications
SNMP agent - initiates SNMP trap if SMS is recieved  install
This is an SNMP agent. If it receives an SMS message, it can forward it as an SNMP trap event to an SNMP monitoring server.
SNMP agent - accepts SNMP query, and forwards it as SMS  install
This is an SNMP agent. It can be queried by SNMP monitoring software using an SNMP get request. With an SNMP query, the SNMP monitoring software can send an SMS message.
SNMP monitoring server - initiates SNMP queries  install
This SNMP monitoring tool, can query an SNMP agent by requesting the value of an OID with an SNMP GET request. If the returned value matches a condition, it can send an SMS message(s).
SNMP monitoring server - accepts SNMP traps  install
This SNMP monitoring server can accept alerts from SNMP agents. Alerts are sent by the SNMP agents as SNMP traps. On the configuration form of this SNMP monitoring server, you can define an OID and a value. If this SNMP server receives the configured OID and the configured value, it sends an SMS message to the specified phone number(s).

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