Fitur baru di Navicat 11

Access More Memory
Navicat users have been asking for this for years now and, it's now releasing 64-bit
versions for Windows and Mac OS X. The 64-bit edition of Navicat will fully utilize all
the resources of your 64-bit computer, taking full advantage of 64-bits memory
Brand New Design
Navicat 11 brings a number of UI improvements over its predecessor. It includes a
streamlined working environment, an enhance docking system with colored tab
and aero-snap support, a searchable tree with faster performance, and a new
improved button layout. The new clean and modern user interface is characterized
by clarity and focusing on the essentials.
Multi-Changes at Once
Table Viewer is now packed with box selection, including the ability to make multi-cell edit.
Box selection allows you to selet a rectangular region of cells within the grid by holding on
and dragging the mouse. In Navicat 11, you cannot only delete but also replace and edit
text on multiple cells at once, which we hope to reduct the capacity of typing and
immensely increase your overall productivity on data entry work.
Every connection is all about stability security and
reliability. Navicat now embeds a new SSH engine,
which provides more encryption format and
high-performance environments. So you never have
to worry about making connection over an insecure
PremiumSoft is introducing an Updater in Navicat
11. This new update mechanism includes a service
that monitors when an update becomes available,
eliminating the need for you to track updates
yourself. It ensures that you have the most
up-to-date, stable, and secure versions of Navicat
installed on your computer.
Smart Find and Replace
The New Find and Replace is now available in Table View and Query results! This new
feature allows you to maintain and transform the contents of your database without writing
UPDATE query. The Replace All function let you replace all matches in one go. And you no
need to worry about typing mistake because you can review the transformed contents
before applying to server. Of course you can further modify or cancel the change too.
Data Pump
Navicat Data Pump is designed to provide a
convenient GUI for Oracle Data Pump utility. It gives
you full support of all modes and parameters
provided by Oracle Data Pump, including the ability
to save your settings as profiles for future use.It's
fast and easy-to-use. So you can create, monitor
and manage Oracle Data Pump Jobs and dump files
in a more cosy way.
SQL Server
With the SQL Server Backup utility build into
Navicat 11. backing up your databases has never
been easier. You'll find an intuitive, efficient GUI
that guides you through the backup process and
reduces the potential for errors. Or you can save all
parameters specified within the current session as
a template for future reference.
Search objects everywhere
Having lots of connections and objects can be overwheiming and time-consuming.
especially when you try to find something you want. Here's a filter to help you to do
the job. A new filter is now come with all tree-structure lists in Navicat. So you can
always look for objects in the blink of an eye.
Organize your work
Navicat 11 features a wide range of options to meet specific customer requirements
in the areas of flexibility and user-friendliness. We know our users love the Aero Snap
feature that many of you have already been able to experience in Windows 7. With
Aero Snap in Navicat, you can effortlessly position the window you are working on.

The new Tab Bar is a colorful new way to make connections and objects easy to
distinguish while beautifying the overall appearance of the interface. With our new
Tab Bar, tabs that are related are color coded, making it easier to stay organized
while connecting multiple servers.You can rearrange tabs in the Tab Bar, or you can
open any tab in a new window by dragging that tab to your desktop. It's designed to
get you to your favorite objects, as quickly as possible. It makes it easier thatn ever
to browse your database objects.
More Import
You'll find a noticeable improvement in Import
Wizard. Because now you can import your Excel
(.xlsx, .xlsm) and Access(.mdb, .accde) data into
database. There will be no need to waste your time
on tiresome ODBC settings. It's a big deal for you.
Export Wizard is enhanced for Excel user. Now,
Navicat 11 not only support export to Excel 97
(.xls), but also a widely used format - Excel 2007 -
2010 (.xlsx, xlsm).