IT Project Management

Manage Large IT Projects Efficiently
ServiceDesk Plus 8.1 - New Features

A stand alone Project management tool to deploy an IT task is like having an override switch to bypass what is working now. End of the day the purpose of Project management is to make large projects streamlined and to make your tasks easier to handle. Project Management module in ServiceDesk Plus is a perfectly integrated solution which combines IT Help Desk with Project Management.
With Project Management integrated with Service Desk Plus, managing projects is simpler for IT Admins. Irrespective of the size of the project, you can easily track and manage any project. It is an amazing way to collaborate with various teams and experts.
Each Project is divided into Milestones and each milestone is subdivided into Tasks. These phases have a flexible structure and are given equal importance. IT Administrators can easily set roles, provide access permissions and collaborate with other project members. You can track the status of tasks with the help of Gantt Charts. Check out the complete list of what Project Management has to offer below.


  • Get complete details of any project - Project Type, Start date, End date, Projected date, Estimated cost, etc. from the list view
  • Assign Project Roles and provide access permissions to different Project Members
  • Divide Projects into Milestones and Milestones into Tasks
  • Directly associate Tasks with Projects
  • Allows for Task dependency configuration
  • Project Overview Map
  • Estimate costs and track with work logs and timesheets
  • Tracking progress using color coded Gantt Charts and Calendar View


  • Switch seamlessly with Helpdesk and Project Modules
  • No more juggling with Multiple Tools and Products
  • Centralized Dashboard for Projects, Milestones and Tasks
  • Effective Resource Management
  • Efficient Time Management
  • Minimal Cost Expenditure
  • Streamlines project creation & tracking
  • Task Dependency Map for efficient handling of Tasks