Perkembangan terbaru Desktop Central 8 Build 80243

We are happy to announce the latest hotfix to Desktop Central 8 - Build 80243.
Here's the complete list of enhancements & bug fixes over previous hotfix:


  1. Support for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been included in MDM.
  2. Support for Bring Your Own App (BYOA) has been included in MDM
  3. Desktop Central now supports detecting Rooted Android Devices.
  4. Desktop Central now supports restricting NFC on Android devices.
  5. Support for restricting iMessage, forcing Siri profanity filter and restricting App removal for iOS devices has been included.
  6. When Desktop Central is integrated with ServiceDesk Plus, the chat transcript can be directly be logged as a new ticket in ServiceDesk Plus.
  7. Export PDF option has been introduced for every license View under Manage License Page.
  8. System Manager, now supports managing the process and services of remote computers.
  9. Desktop Central now supports posting MDM Asset data to Service Desk Plus (build # 8203 & above) in integrated mode.

Bug Fixes

  1. While Using Internet Explorer 10, issue in displaying the list of computers under Scope of Management has been fixed.
  2. Issue in enrolling some of the iOS devices that connects to the internet via Cellular Data has been fixed.
  3. Issue in file content getting deleted while modifying a File Folder Configuration has been fixed.
  4. Issue in fetching warranty information for Toshiba computers has been fixed.
  5. Issue in wrongly detecting Internet explorer 10 has been fixed.
  6. Issue in wrongly detecting the processor details has been fixed.
  7. Issue in using calendar in Feed Custom Data for computers has been fixed.
  8. Issue while installing the hot-fix has been fixed.
  9. Issue in accessing reports has been fixed.
  10. Issue in syncing the deleted computers in SoM, if the computer belongs to a domain which contains capital letters has been fixed.
  11. Issue in saving a SoM policy while email address field is empty has been fixed.
  12. While integrated with SDP, issue in wrongly displaying the user who initiates remote control session has been fixed.
  13. While integrated with SDP, issue in enabling the default fields on server settings page has been fixed.
  14. While using Remote Control feature, issue in switching between multiple monitors of the remote computer has been fixed.
  15. Issue in modifying an existing software configuration has been fixed.
  16. Issue in reaching the mobile devices when MS SQL is used as the back-end database has been fixed.
You can download the Hotfix and install as per the instructions provided there.
To download complete product , which includes these enhancements, visit our website.

MDM Enhanced to Support BYOD & BYOA

With this MDM enhancement, administrators will now be able to automatically impose restrictions and policies to user-owned devices as soon as they enroll into Desktop Central MDM to make them comply with the companies policies on allowing BYOD. Similarly, they will also be able to blacklist or white list an app that is found on the user devices and warn them to remove.