NetZoom , software Data Center Infrastructure Management Anda.

Here are some reasons why we think you will love NetZoom:
1.Automatically Generate DataCenter Diagrams, Layouts, and Reports
Using NetZoom, you can now automatically generate a variety of detailed reports such as inventory reports, warranty reports, capacity reports, and much more for your datacenter. You can also generate complex datacenter plan view floor layouts from your existing datacenter infrastructure within NetZoom. And last but not the least, you can automatically generate front and rear rack elevation diagrams for datacenter racks with a click of a button. With our new collection of automated tools, you can’t go wrong.
Automatically Generate Variety of Reports, Layouts, and Diagrams
2.Create Physical and Logical Network Diagrams using NetZoom Equipment Shapes and Stencils

Create complex logical & physical network, datacenter, and rack diagrams in Microsoft Visio using templates and equipment shapes and stencils from the comprehensive NetZoom library. NetZoom shapes are high quality, intelligent shapes that also come with manufacturer specific data. Instantly search and find the right equipment shapes in the NetZoom library using our powerful custom search engine.
World's Largest Updated Equipment Shape Library
Physical and Logical Network Diagrams
3.Automatically Create Your DataCenter by Leveraging Existing Documentation
Using NetZoom, you can now create your entire datacenter infrastructure along with rack elevations and devices, by seamlessly importing existing documentation such as spreadsheets, and existing Microsoft Visio rack diagrams made using previous versions of NetZoom. This cuts down your implementation time to seconds and increases productivity.
Import Export Locations, Racks, Devices, & Data from Existing Spreadsheets and Diagrams
4.Document Your Entire DataCenter and Rack Elevations Together

NetZoom allows you to design and document your entire datacenter infrastructure, rack elevations, and asset inventory in one place. You can use our DataCenter Wizard to document your entire datacenter and use the RackBuilder Wizard to drill into the datacenter layout and design and document each rack elevation. All rack diagrams are associated with your datacenter layout so you can manage everything through a single Microsoft Visio diagram. You can also use our new Project Explorer to manage your entire datacenter in a hierarchical fashion by defining locations, adding racks and devices, and populating rack elevations and configuring device chassis within a single interface. You can even instantly locate equipment within your networks and datacenters using powerful custom search features.Centralized DataCenter and Asset Management
5.Custom Configure Device Chassis and Rack Elevations and Manage your Favorites

You can collect your favorite or most frequently used devices and racks, and customize device chassis by adding cards and modules and populate racks with configured equipment to match their real life counterparts.Collect & Configure your Favorite Racks & Devices
6.Manage Custom Properties, Data, and Apply Watermarks for Asset Identification

Using NetZoom, you can manage custom properties specific to your projects, customize asset data and properties as needed, and view cumulative data that is automatically calculated based on in-built formulas. NetZoom also allows you to create custom watermarks that you can apply to various pieces of equipment in your datacenter for instant identification and displaying status.
Auto-Calculated Cumulative Data Custom Properties, Shape Data & Preview
Custom Watermarks