Bingung manajemen mobile devices perusahaan Anda ? .

Dengan mobile device manager, seluruh perangkat mobile basis android, iOS dan Windows dapat dimonitor dengan mudah, dikontrol aplikasi yang dipasang nya,

Kontak kami untuk keperluan ini bagi perusahaan Anda,

Corporate mobile devices and apps! Can they be managed?

Most employees use mobile devices to conduct their work more efficiently. Especially people that work in sales who are on the move all the time they definitely need a smartphone to keep in touch with the office and their clients. But what happens if they start to download malware and rogue apps onto their phones? This malware could start to jeopardise the corporate data stored on the phone. As a business you would want to avoid this as much as you can.
Managing apps that are being downloaded onto mobile devices is a must for any business nowadays. It’s not just about managing apps that are being installed though. As a business you may decide that you want all corporate mobile devices to have a certain app installed on them, such as Google Maps for example. It would be very time consuming to do this to every single device. Is there an easier way?
There is an easy way to manage and mass deploy apps on mobile devices. 3CX Mobile Device Manager provides a comprehensive range of features to keep rogue apps off managed mobile devices, but administrators also need to understand the various means by which apps can be delivered to mobile devices.
3CX Mobile Device Manager will enable you to deploy apps ‘en masse’ with just a few mouse clicks, review installed apps on all connected devices, monitor for malware and remove inappropriate and rogue apps, and create white and black lists for approved and blocked apps.
App management is just one of 3CX Mobile Device Manager’s comprehensive range of features for managing mobile devices in a corporate environment and protecting corporate data stored on them. But how do apps get onto mobile devices in the first place?
We touched on this briefly last week. The main avenues, or course, are Apple’s App Store, Google Play for Android and their counterparts for the BlackBerry and Windows Mobile ecosystems, but these are not by any means the only channels available.
It’s possible for an enterprise to operate its own app store, 3CX Mobile Device Manager enables you to create a repository of enterprise apps that you can easily deploy to one or more mobile devices. However a full-blown enterprise app store, accessible directly by end users, is a more ambitious undertaking.
So if you’re a business that wants to protect their mobile fleet from rogue apps and malware, why not try 3CX Mobile Device Manager? It’s free for up to 5 devices and you can signup easily here!
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3CX, developer of the award-winning Windows VoIP PBX 3CX Phone System, has launched the 3CX Mobile Device Manager – an easy to use and inexpensive hosted and deployable mobile device management solution that allows users to secure, monitor and manage their Android, iOS and Windows devices.

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