Release terbaru dari ManageEngine IT360 Release 10.0.0 (Build Number 10000)

ManageEngine IT360 : Release Notes

Release 10.0.0 (Build Number 10000)

Features & Enhancements


  • The User Interface is enhanced with a better organization of tabs and intuitive navigation
  • Unified discovery to support discovery of Network devices and Servers. The discovery process identifies applications based on the Application Template library definition. To monitor these applications, you will need to provide the credentials per application
  • Admin work flow is grouped based on similar admin configurations
  • Enterprise Search - Solarwinds database, TrackIT database, IT360 database, IT360 Help Documentation
  • Support for PostgreSQL database. This is also packaged in the product
  • MSSQL Express Edition included in the package for evaluation
  • Support for SLA
  • Enhancement in Support Information File creation (module selection option and then upload to bonitas server. Notify IT360 Support Team)
  • Support for an option to view product logs from web console for troubleshooting purpose

Servers & Applications

  • Support for Threshold template
  • APM Insight Monitors
  • Support for EUM summary dashboard
  • Support to define alarm escalation for a select set of monitors
  • Support for monitoring Cassandra Database Server
  • Support for monitoring MongoDB Servers
  • JBoss Monitoring is extended to support JBoss 6.0
  • Windows Monitoring is extended to support Windows 8 and 2012
  • AS400 monitoring enhanced to support History Log monitoring
  • Enhanced Recorder Tool to capture the web transactions
  • Support for hardware monitoring via WMI mode
  • Support for monitoring Network Mapped Drives in SNMP mode for servers
  • Option to export report in CSV format for Polled Data and Compare Reports
  • ListMonitor API enhanced to provide more configuration details, like timeout, port, command for Service, SSL Certificate and DNS monitors
  • Option to execute multiple commands in TCP Port Monitoring and option to add multiple monitors for the same host
  • IT360 now supports integration with Site24x7
  • .NET transaction monitoring with APM Insight
  • Cloud monitoring extended to incorporate Windows Azure monitoring
  • Enhanced Server Monitoring to include hardware details like power, fan and temperature sensors as well as the health status of processors and memory
  • Support for Weblogic 12c monitoring
  • Support for Tomcat 7.x monitoring
  • Capacity planning reports for detailed capacity analysis
  • Enhanced VMware ESX servers monitoring to monitor hardware and latency performance attributes that provide information about the functioning of the monitors of VMware ESX server
  • Web Transaction Monitoring (APM Insight) extended to support applications on Ruby on Rails
  • Option to Configure " Tomcat Manager" URI for monitoring Tomcat server
  • Introduced the option to view the SOAP response in the alarm e-mail for SOAP threshold violation
  • New REST APIs added to the list. The new list includes, the REST APIs to:
    • Add and Delete Business Service Groups
    • Add and Delete Sub Group
    • Associate Monitor to a Business Service Group


  • IPAM Plugin: IP Address Management plug-in helps you manage your IP Address. It also includes Switch Port Mapper to identify the switch port to which a device is connected
  • Support for Network layer-2 topology map
  • Multiple Threshold support: Configure multiple thresholds for the performance monitors. You can now set multi-level performance thresholds for a monitor and alert at different levels
  • Export and import device templates
  • You can now test the authentication credentials for multiple devices at one go instead of testing it for each device
  • Keep a tab on the monitors for which data is not collected for a specified period by accessing Support Diagnostics GUI
  • The credentials configured are now grouped by Protocol and listed for easy manageability. For instance, you will see the grouping when adding a new device for discovery
  • New APIs are available for listing the alarms and devices triggering a notification profile, and more
  • An option to execute notifications repeatedly until an alarm gets cleared
  • Options to create charts with data points, stacked area chart and to show the threshold value line in the graph
  • Now devices notes can be added in bulk via a CSV import
  • "Delete All" option provided to purge the Unsolicited Traps
  • Device Templates has been enhanced to provide a custom OID check in addition to SYSOID for classification
  • Regex support is now provided for String based threshold setting
  • The traps raised from the IP address can now be mapped to the source server with option to configure the IPMI address for SNMP traps
  • New Audit Report and Enhancements to Monitor Health Report: Get real-time security audit report in IT360 at a mouse click and also experience some of the high end enhancements made to monitor device health report
  • You can now forward Traps and Syslog events from IT360 to any other NMS through Trap/Syslog Forwarder from IT360 GUI
  • New device templates are included for NetApp/Cisco Routers and Cisco5508WLC devices
  • When configuring trap processors, you can select up-to the 20 Varbinds as part of the match criteria
  • New graph Memory Utilization (UCD SNMP MIB) is added by default
  • Downtime scheduler is configured to allow granular per minute time
  • AlarmID variables are now provided in notification profile
  • An option is included to apply a change made in the interface template to all interfaces
  • An option to rediscover the interfaces that are deleted from the device is included
  • A ‘View Associations’ option is included in Admin --Notification Profiles screen to quickly see a summary of the different profiles associated to the monitored devices
  • A new device down time report is provided. The report also shows the outage history


  • Project Management module is introduced
  • Color code added to Admin -- Status which is now being used in Project Module alone
  • Ability to import Contracts from Excel
  • Ability to localize or modify the names of default CI Types, Product Types and CI Relationship Types
  • Introduced Multi level approval support in Purchase Order
  • Ability to include the 'Associated Entity Id', 'Associated Entity Owner', 'Associated Entity Title, 'Associated Entity Link' & 'Associated Entity Module' in Task Notifications template
  • Tasks & Work log Enhancements:
    • Separate Tab introduced for Task notification in Admin -- Notification Rules and some new task notifications are included
    • Introduced 'Task Types' under Admin -- HelpDesk. Tasks can be configured along with color code
    • Work log can be added for Tasks (earlier work log can be added only for Request, Problems, and Change)
    • 'History' [Task's] shown in Task details page
    • Request, Problem and Change work log information will now be available in a single table which will allow customers to take a unified work log report of all modules combined
  • Ability to generate reports for 'Tasks'
  • Support for additional operations in REST API. The following new operations are added,
    • Request:
      • Add, Edit and Get Resolution
      • Assign Request
      • Pickup Request
      • Reply Request
      • Get Notification
      • Get Notifications
      • Get All Conversations
      • Get Requests
      • ADD Attachment, GET Conversation and GET ALL Conversations.
    • Site:
      • Get All Sites
    • Technician:
      • GET ALL Technicians
    • Admin
      • GET and GET ALL operations for the following admin configurations - Status, Level, Impact, Urgency, Priority, Category, Subcategory, Item, Request template
      • GET ALL Support group
  • Feature to show Incident/Service Request templates for technicians based on the support groups associated to the templates and technicians. If no support group is associated to templates, then it is shown to all the technicians
  • Feature to import incident request through XLS
  • Support to paste images from Clipboard to the Rich text area
  • Option to mark a conversation as private / public. Public conversations are visible to requesters also whereas private conversations are visible only to technicians
  • Resolved time of a request is set when request is moved to resolved status. Timespent is calculated when a request is moved to resolved or closed status
  • Technician role scoping is applied when viewing Tasks from Home section. If the technician has restricted role (Site restriction, Group restriction, Assigned to self) then Tasks allowed for the technician role alone is shown in Home Tasks section
  • Ability to mark Request first response time when adding Notes from Request list view
  • Mobile devices information scanned in ManageEngine Desktop Central can be accessed from IT360 ServiceDesk web interface (when Desktop Central integration is enabled)
  • IT360 Technician can initiate chat session to Requester through Chat feature available in ManageEngine Desktop Central (when Desktop Central integration is enabled).
  • Requests created through emails and conversation will now show the To and Cc fields in the request details page.
  • File attachments can now be stored in other drives in the server machine instead of the default path. The path can be configured in Admin -- Self Service Portal Settings -- Path for attachments
  • Option to copy the Service Templates is available. This helps technicians to create new Service Templates quickly from the existing templates
  • Feature to generate automatic thread dump has been implemented, when application performance degrades
  • Earlier when a request is assigned or picked up by two or more technicians at the same time, the latest technician would be saved. Now, in such cases, a dialog box indicating the conflict requests would be displayed based on which the technician can decide whether to assign/pickup or cancel the operation
  • In scheduled backup configuration section, an option is included to configure deleting scheduled backup data
  • Earlier, the responded time for a request would be set only when a reply is made. Now an option to set the responded time when a note is added is also provided
  • Technicians can be restricted to edit 'Closed' tickets by assigning them new restriction permission 'Editing Closed Requests' in the Roles section
  • Technicians can be restricted to delete notes by assigning them a new restriction permission 'Edit / Delete own notes' in the roles section
  • Service tags can be imported while receiving workstations/servers in Purchase Order
  • Apart from SDAdmin, non-admin technicians can also create query report by enabling fine grained authorization check "Create Query Report" while adding or editing a role
  • Ability to perform remote control using other tools like Windows Remote Desktop, VNC, Team Planner, DameWare etc.
  • Support to show the request link information in the request list view itself
  • The Site field under asset, CMDB, purchase module has been replaced with a text box for technicians with more (100, by default) site permissions. This configuration is based on a GlobalConfig table entry with the category as 'SiteIconListConfiguration'.  NOTE: This is a behavior change, the site field will be shown in a text box with site search option for the technician with sites more than or equal to 100

Behavioral Changes


  • Tab reorganization
  • Enhancement in the database backup scripts (built in intelligence to include files based on the database used)
  • Applications/services running on a server will not be added when we add a server for monitoring.  This can be enabled with the help of additional configuration
  • Performance polling configuration is changed to 3 so that performance data collection is done once in 3 polling cycles.  Status polling will be scheduled as per the polling interval
  • is incremented to 1 in the "AvailabilityTests.conf" under <IT360 Home>/applications/conf directory to avoid false alerts due to network connectivity issues.

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