Camera AXIS dipasang di lingkungan yang keras.

Axis outdoor cameras withstand
heavy snowstorms and tropical humidity

Axis outdoor video solutions are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and to provide reliable surveillance at all times. Here you will find some of Axis surveillance cameras operating in such environments.

Sweden: Axis wireless network camera makes world record in altitude

An AXIS Q6034-E Network Camera was operating via the world’s highest wireless network while delivering high quality images to Earth. The camera was sent into the atmosphere by a stratospheric balloon from the Esrange Space Center in the north of Sweden. The camera was operating in 35 000 metres in altitude and in a temperature down to -90 º C, giving images via WLAN of 400 km.
Credit: Esrange Space Center, Sweden
Camera: AXIS Q6034-E
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Sweden: 25 000 metes in altitude at a temperature of -63º C

The IP camera managed the tough conditions 25 000 m in altitude with an air pressure of 14 mbar and G-Chock of 5-10 G in 400 mS.
25 000 metes in altitude
Credit: Esrange Space Center, Sweden
Camera: AXIS P3344-VE

Germany: Extremely cold winter

The advanced PTZ dome network camera works perfectly under bitterly weather conditions on the Wendelstein Mountain, placed 1824 meters altitude.
Extremely cold winter in Germany
Credit: Wendelstein Mountain, Germany
Camera: AXIS Q6032-E

Alaska: Heavy snow storms, darkness and
temperatures down to -40ºC

Installations of the surveillance cameras are routinely done without major problems. Neither the snow nor the darkness affect the image quality of the camera. Arctic Temperature Control enables reliable video surveillance at the end of the world.
Alaska outdoor camera installation
You can be sure that the installer working in a -20ºC snow blizzard is very thankful for the out-of-the-box outdoor-ready design of Axis cameras:
“My dedicated installer was working from the sky lift in the worst conditions ever. Luckily, the installation went very smoothly and didn’t take long at all , thanks to the outdoor-ready design of AXIS Q6032-E.” says Peter Turner at CamCentral Systems, Canada. “Now we can plan for shorter installation times and offer more cost-efficient solutions. And no matter where we ship, whether it’s Alaska or New Mexico, we know that everything needed for an outdoor-proof installation – also the required tools – is included in the package from Axis.”
Credit: CamCentral Systems, Canada
Camera: AXIS Q6032-E

Hong Kong: Heavy rain and turbulent thunderstorms

The Axis network camera captures how a small tree is moved around by the strong winds.
Hong Kong outdoor camera installation
Credit: Hong Kong Observatory,
 AXIS 232D+ 

Vizag Seaport, India: Tropical savanna climate and high humidity

The surveillance cameras function well in the tough operating environment of a harbor that handles coking coal, steam coal, gypsum and other similar bulk cargo.
Vizag seaport camera installation
Credit: Vizag Seaport
Cameras: AXIS Q6032-E AXIS P1343AXIS 215 PTZ-EAXIS 233D
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National Park Despeñaperros, Spain: Animal observations

The surveillance cameras deliver image quality that enables observation of wild animals such as griffon vultures without disrupting their environment.
National Park Despeñaperros camera installation
Hot summers with temperatures way above 40ºC are perfect for solar powered surveillance cameras. The installation went smoothly even in the rocky mountainous environment of the National Park.
National Park Despeñaperros camera installation
Credit: Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Campiña Norte de Jaén (PRODECAN),
Cameras: AXIS 213 PTZAXIS 214 PTZAXIS 233D
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New Zealand: Solar installation in a ski area

"This Axis network camera is truly remote. In addition to being solar, the camera's link to the outside world is through a cellular 3G router we developed for use in remote areas with weak cellular coverage. It allows the images to be uploaded to the ski area's website, but it also allows me access to the camera for accessing the live video or on-going configuration of the camera, just as a standard Internet connection would", reports Greg Knowles, Snowgrass Solutions.
New Zealand outdoor camera installation
Credit: Snowgrass Solutions
Camera: AXIS 213 PTZ