Detail Solusi UKM dari Draytek Vigor

Kata siapa solusi untuk UKM harus mahal ?
Dengan draytek vigor, kita bisa melakukan solusi dibawah ini.

The DrayTek Mid-size Business Solutions guarantees the business continuity for your organization.

  • Multi-WAN redundancy/load-balancing
Multi-WAN and USB WAN (3.5G/4G LTE) ensure your business to stay connected.
(e.g. Vigor3900)


  • Multi-WAN for the bandwidth scalability
You can add more WAN links when the business grows and needs more cloud-based applications.

3900-adding  links
Metro Ethernet application
Metro Ethernet

  • Advanced VPN feature
DrayTek offers VPN with load-balancing/redundancy for site-to-site connection and allows remote workers to connect via the SSL VPN protocol.

  • Robust firewall protection
DrayTek delivers robust firewall for secure & efficient workplace.

Object-based firewall + Content Security Management (CSM)

           Web filtering by Commtouch GlobalView WCF
            3900 - WCF

  • High Availability (HA)
With HA feature, the Vigor3900 prevents the single point of failure. It allows the backup device to deliver all routing services and enforce policy configurations as the master device temporary out-of-service.

  • Secure and efficient Wi-Fi environment
    The Vigor3900 and Vigor2960 Series with the AP management feature can establish the wireless network with ease. The VigorAP 800 brings the Wi-Fi security for the BYOD policy enforcement.