Puppet Enterprise vs Open Source

Enterprise vs. Open Source

Which Is Right For Your Organization?

Puppet Enterprise packages the power of Puppet open source with enterprise-oriented features to make IT automation even easier and more powerful. Use the below chart to compare the two releases, and see which one is right for your organization.
Open Source
Graphical User Interface
Event Inspector - Visualize Infrastructure Changes
Provisioning – Amazon EC2
Provisioning – Google Compute Engine
Provisioning – VMware VMs
Configuration management – Discovery
Configuration management – User accounts
Configuration management – Operating systems & applications
1600+ pre-built configurations on Puppet Forge
Orchestration – Task automation
Role-Based Access Control – Now with external authentication support
Unified cross-platform installer of all components
Support – Option for 24 x 7 x 365
Support – Defined SLA
Certified by Puppet Labs engineers
Pre-packaged dependencies in one directory
Smooth upgrade and maintenance path
Read more in Puppet Enterprise FAQs. Download Puppet Enterprise free now and manage up to 10 nodes.