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Staf HR bisa kelola Account User di Active Directory, jadi fungsi ini tidak harus ada di IT..

Active Directory Help Desk Delegation

Active Directory Help Desk Delegation and Management has gained a lot of prominence in the Microsoft WindowsActive Directory Management process. As organizations grow, networks, additional resources, system maintenance, and administrative tasks also grow at a similar pace. It becomes difficult for the IT department to manage the entire Active directory in a timely, error-free and efficient manner, thus making 'Delegation of Active Directory tasks' crucial. With native Active Directory tools, delegation becomes yet another tedious and cumbersome task.
Fortunately, ADManager Plus, a web-based Active Directory Management & Reporting software, provides the much-needed ability to delegate routine Active Directory Management and support tasks throughout the enterprise with its powerful ' Active Directory Help Desk Delegation' feature. It allows the AD administrator to delegate tasks to non administrative users like help desk technicians or front line officials, with appropriate authentication and authorization controls that dramatically reduce the work load on the AD Administrator. This easy to use Active Directory Utility thereby helps to save a lot of time, cost and effort.

The Delegation Flow

Help Desk Delegation Process
In a real time environment an active directory administrator spends unproductive time attending tickets related to password reset, unlock users, rename users, move computers/users, modify general properties etc. Although they are simple, these active directory activities consume a lot of time. ADManager Plus' Help Desk Delegation is a completely secure feature helps non-administrative users to handle these simple AD tasks without involving the administrator in the process.
To find out how the delegation feature of this tool can help you offloading the excess burden off your back, get thefree download of the trial version which allows full access to all features for one month.
OU Based Delegation: The OU based administration lets the administrator to delegate tasks with a scope limited to a specific Organizational Unit i.e. help desk users can perform the delegated activities (like reset password, manage remote user logon permissions, Terminal Services properties, etc.) that fall under the purview of the assigned OU in the Active Directory making this delegation completely secure. This ensures that the security issues are intact and the delegation runs smoothly.
Scenario 1: Human Resources (HR) Manager/Executive can now create new user accounts
The Active Directory Help Desk delegation feature could be especially useful when our company is on a hiring phase which in turn has led to a sudden influx of new employees. So provisioning of new user accounts becomes a major priority and also a time consuming factor. Administrator can reduce the time lag and his intervention involved in this process by authorizing the HR personnel to create new user accounts in the Active Directory. The AD Help Desk Delegation module provides a login to HR, through which he can view and perform only the tasks that are delegated to him. More on ADManager Plus's benefits for HR.
Scenario 2: Help Desk Technician can unlock accounts & reset password
The most common and recurring issues that users face are account lockouts and password issues. Regular requests like reset password and unlock account requests consume most of administrator's productive time and mounts cost. To combat this, he can delegate these AD activities to help technicians by authorizing them to login to ADManager Plus and execute the delegated tasks.
To explore more on Active Directory Helpdesk Delegation using ADManager Plus, Download the Free Trial.
Cross-Domain Active Directory Management for Help Desk Technicians
The cross-domain management option allows AD administrators to allocate Multiple Domain Support for Help Desk Technician(s). This feature facilitates administrators to restrict help desk associates to manage specific AD domains across diffferent forests, irrespective of the domain to which the help desk associate actually belongs. You could also refer our online Help on Active Directory Help Desk Delegation to know more about this feature.
Technician Audit Log: The Help Desk Technician Audit Logs can be used to track what Active Directory objects were created, deleted, or modified, by which Help desk technician and when. Learn more..
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