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manfaat menjadi anggota Apkomindo

Bagi toko/perusahaan yang berorientasi pameran dan retail :berkesempatan untuk mengikuti pameran yang diselenggarakan Apkomindo dan/atau mitra setahun 6 kali.kesempatan untuk mengikuti product launching dan gathering dari para principal atau vendor nasionalkesempatan untuk mengikuti sales training dan workshop dari para principal atau vendor nasionalkemudahan untuk memperoleh produk dan keringanan tempo pembayaran dari para master dealer anggota apkomindo Bagi toko/perusahaan yang berorientasi proyek pemerintah :kemudahan untuk memperoleh surat dukungan dari master dealer atau distributorinformasi adanya lelang atau tender yang diselenggarakan pemerintah provinsi maupun pemerintah kabupaten/kota.

BikeBox - geo-tag yang menarik

The Bike Box Created By: Sabine Gruffat & Bill Brown Project Home BIKE BOX is a participatory locative media project and database created by Sabine Gruffat and Bill Brown. Using open-source software, participants will be able to listen to and contribute geotagged audio that relates or responds to specific locations in Brooklyn, New York: Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and along the waterfront. The audio can take any form, including (but not limited to) sound art, personal anecdotes, field recordings, radical histories, experimental music, or audio interviews. BIKE BOX will be at Devotion Gallery in Brooklyn from July 16th – 25th, 2010. Three technology-enhanced bicycles available to the public will allow users to connect to the project database and hear sounds geocoded for specific locations in the target area. People with iPhones may also download the free BIKE BOX application at the gallery. An installation inside the gallery will allow visitors to …

11 Sumber Cloud Computing

bySebastian Rupley NOV. 6, 2009 - 1:00 PM PST 26 Comments

AASUMMARY: Open-source software has been on the rise at many businesses during the extended economic downturn, and one of the areas where it is starting to offer companies a lot of flexibility and cost savings is in cloud computing. Cloud deployments can save money, free businesses from [...] tweet this

Panduan keamanan fisik untuk Data Center Anda

A Guide to Physical Security for Data CentersJuly 26, 20122 Comments » The aim ofphysical data centersecurityis largely the same worldwide, barring any local regulatory restrictions: that is, to keep out the people you don’t want in your building, and if they do make it in, then identify them as soon as possible (ideally also keeping them contained to a section of the building). The old adage of networksecurityspecialists, that “security is like an onion” (it makes you cry!) because you need to have it in layers built up from the area you’re trying to protect, applies just as much for the physical security of a data center. There are plenty of resources to guide you through the process of designing a highly secure data center that will focus on building a “gold standard” facility capable of hosting the most sensitive government data. For the majority of companies, however, this approach will be overkill and will end up costing millions to implement. When looking at physic…