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Mencermati tren Tablet

Berikut adalah data Google trends terkait dengan Tablet, Android dan Ipad

Perhatikan kecenderungan yang menaik terus dari minat terhadap tablet, maka konsentrasikan market IT anda terkait dengan tablet.

Perusahaan gunakan model pay-as-you-go untuk layanan cloud

Cloud users redirect cash saved to business innovation, staffingBy Sam Shead | February 28, 2013, 7:28 AM PSTCompanies are using the pay-as-you-go cloud model to cut IT costs and reinvest in product innovation, according to research.The study, by hosting company Rackspace and Manchester Business School, said that 58 percent of the UK businesses they surveyed had been able to reduce their IT costs by replacing their in-house hardware with a cloud solution.The average annual cost saving being achieved by the 1300 businesses using the cloud is £316,000, according to the research, with some businesses saving more than £5m.The survey claimed 46 percent of businesses included in the study save more than £16,000 per year by using cloud, while 31 percent save more than £31,000 per year.Because it is effectively a rental model, cloud computing shifts IT costs from upfront to a subscription model. In some cases this can work out more costly over the long-term and the researchers said for some l…

Perusahaan memilih layanan cloud utk seperempat fungsi bisnisnya

Firms choose cloud services for one quarter of business functions

By Nick Heath | March 1, 2013, 9:43 AM PST

Firms are using cloud services to deliver one quarter of their business functions on average, according to a survey of CIOs and IT decision makers.

The most common use for cloud services among surveyed companies is e-commerce, used by 41 per cent, followed by email (39 per cent) and storage (30 per cent). The information was gathered in the Silver Lining Report by the cloud security firm SilverSky.

Out of those firms planning to adopt additional cloud services over the next 12 months, services related to storage and e-commerce were most popular, followed by middleware and infrastructure.

The most common reason for wanting to use cloud services was to save money, for 67 per cent of respondents, simplify operations, 66 per cent, and increase the reliability of business functions, 56 per cent.

However cost was also a barrier to adopting cloud services for 38 per cent of respondent…

Dunia Aplikasi OpenSource

Open Source Software: The Mega List
A jaw-dropping 1,000+ open source software tools. Open source software for, well, everything: Desktop, security, multimedia, small businesses, enterprises, education.... December 19, 2012
By Cynthia Harvey

Throughout the year, Datamation publishes guides to open source software in a variety of different categories, such as security, cloud computing, big data, small businesses, mobility and even games. It's become an annual tradition to compile all those open source apps we've featured into one gigantic list. Our 2012 guide is longer than ever before with a jaw-dropping 1000+ open source apps in all. As usual, we've divided the list into categories and then alphabetized the projects within each category.
Whether you're a long-time Linux fan or a Windows or OS X user who's curious about the open source phenomenon, you're sure to find something new, interesting and useful.
Accounting 1. Edoceo Imperium
Designed for small and mediu…