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Microsoft saja menggunakan OpenFlow

Microsoft uses OpenFlow SDN for network monitoring and analysisShamus McGillicuddySANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Microsoft is using an OpenFlow software-defined network to capture and analyze traffic for network security and monitoring tools in its Internet-facing and cloud services data centers.The OpenFlow-based tap aggregation system, called Distributed Ethernet Monitoring (DEMON) Appliance, is an alternative to expensive network packet brokers -- the specialized appliances that aggregate network taps and SPAN ports. Microsoft Principal Network Architect Rich Groves presented DEMON at the Open Networking Summit Tuesday.Groves did not reveal which commercial software-defined networking (SDN) products Microsoft is using to enable DEMON, but he described the use of merchant silicon-based switches and an SDN control system to build the solution. Only a small number of vendors have announced products and features that enable SDN-based tap aggregation. For instance, Arista Networks announced DAN…

Apa sih NFV (Network Function Virtualization) ?

Network Function Virtualization or NFV Explained
Currently 5/5 Stars.12345rate this Last Update: Feb 14, 2013 | 02:00 Viewed 10997 times | Community Rating: 5 Originating Author: Steve Noble Contents 1Introduction2NFV Technical Background3What Makes NFV Different4Adding Network APIs To Devices Allows For Higher Performance5Values of NFV6What Is The Status Of NFV?Introduction While confusion reigns when it comes to the meaning of Software Defined Networks, the newly separated concept of Network Function Virtualization or NFV is attempting to separate itself from the fray. Network Function Virtualization can be summed up by the statement that: "Due to recent network focused advancements in PC hardware, Any service able to be delivered on proprietary, application specific hardware should be able to be done on a virtual machine". Essentially: Routers, Firewalls, Load Balancers and other network devices all running virtualized on commodity hardware. Source: Steve Noble NFV Technical Ba…

NFV dan SDN, apa sih bedanya ?

NFV and SDN: What’s the Difference? By: Prayson PatePosted: Mar. 30, 2013
Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are hot topics. They are clearly related, but how exactly are they similar? How are they different? How do they complement each other? SDN – Born on the Campus, Matured in the Data Center SDN got its start on campus networks. As researchers were experimenting with new protocols they were frustrated the need to change the software in the network devices each time they wanted to try a new approach. They came up with the idea of making the behavior of the network devices programmable, and allowing them to be controlled by a central element. This lead to a formalization of the principle elements that define SDN today: Separation of control and forwarding functionsCentralization of controlAbility to program the behavior of the network using well-defined interfaces The next area of success for SDN was in cloud data centers. As the size and scope of these…


KEGIATAN JOB FAIR (BURSA KERJA)GKI Klasis Jakarta Timur akan menyelenggarakan acara Job Fair, pada tgl. 11 Mei 2013, pk. 08.00 – selesai, bertempat di Kantin SMPK Penabur, Jl. Boulevard Raya kav. 21, Harapan Indah, Bekasi. Perusahaan yang berminat untuk ikut serta dalam acara tersebut dapat menghubungi: Ibu Dyah (0813-1555.1294), Email:, Bpk Tony Lie (0812-8670589), atau ke Tata Usaha Gereja. Job Fair ini akan diikuti oleh banyak perusahaan dan tersedia lowongan kerja bagi lulusan SD, SMP, SMA/SMK, D1, D2, D3 dan S1 atau yang sederajat.

Selamat kepada GSK atas selesainya implementasi ServiceDesk Plus

Selamat kepada GSK Group yang telah selesai mengimplementasikan ServiceDesk Plus.

ServiceDesk Plus, aplikasi software helpdesk terdepan, saat ini ditambah solusi Project Management yang memudahkan kita memonitor pelaksanaan pekerjaan-pekerjaan dalam manajemen proyek.

A stand alone Project management tool to deploy an IT task is like having an override switch to bypass what is working now. End of the day the purpose of Project management is to make large projects streamlined and to make your tasks easier to handle. Project Management module in ServiceDesk Plus is a perfectly integrated solution which combines IT Help Desk with Project Management. With Project Management integrated with Service Desk Plus, managing projects is simpler for IT Admins. Irrespective of the size of the project, you can easily track and manage any project. It is an amazing way to collaborate with various teams and experts. Each Project is divided into Milestones and each milestone is subdivided into Tasks. The…

Monitoring beban kerja di cloud..

Monitoring cloud workload activities Bill Kleyman E-MailPrintAAAAAAinShareFacebookTwitter

Menyiapkan tim Anda untuk SDN

Preparing your teams for software defined networking Andre Kindness
Infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams are aligning themselves and infrastructure around key workloads to drive greater simplicity and efficiency. In kind, the networking industry has responded by suggesting that networks can provide greater support for this approach using the OpenFlow protocol and Software Defined Networking (SDN) concepts. I believe the SDN definition today equates to adding closed loop functionality so a network can intelligently orchestrate a set of services.  This architecture consists of three components: an automation and orchestration controller, a monitoring and data collection system, and a configuration and management system. SDN provides the means to automate networks to better support different workloads, but I&O professionals also need to understand how SDN can support turning networks into a virtual network infrastructure.   Whatever technology options networking professional…

SDN dan masa depan Manajemen Network Dinamik

SDN and the Future of Dynamic Network ManagementBruce TolleyVice President of Solutions and Outbound Marketing
Solarflare SDN is garnering a lot of media attention of late, but there are still many unknowns regarding how radical a change it will bring to existing network architectures. The very notion of separating the control and data planes opens up the possibility of highly dynamic network environments that can be instantly optimized for individual application and user requirements. But with much of the technology still on the drawing board, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. In a conversation with IT Business Edge’s Arthur Cole, Solarflare’s vice president of solutions and outbound marketing, Bruce Tolley, offers insight into what is real, and what is merely possible. Cole: Software-defined networking is on a roll these days, but it has barely made an impact on production environments. What are the main challenges in bringing SDN to the mainstream? Tolley: Software-de…