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4 hal dasar untuk manajemen jaringan Anda

How to avoid IT strife with an effective management baseline

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Amazon and Google made headlines last year for their highly publicized outages, proving just how susceptible companies are to IT disruptions, and the negative impact these can have on sales and productivity. So before jumping into projects, IT and network managers should establish baselines to understand exactly where they stand.  As networks become more complex (virtual vs. physical, wired vs. wireless, etc.), the pressure is on to improve the performance and availability of business critical and customer-facing applications. IT professionals would benefit immeasurably by setting four key baselines aimed at giving them control of their network: 1. Inventory baseline: You can't control what you don't know exists. 2. Performance baseline: Start with the “big five”,CPU, memory, disk and interface utilization as w…

Apa dampak IT bagi bisnis ?

Cisco mengadakan survey terkait dengan dampak IT terhadap bisnis. Berikut hasilnya.

Innovator, Firefighter, or Ghost? Cisco Survey Explores IT's Impact on BusinessWhile the majority (63 percent) of IT professionals are confident in their ability to respond to the needs of the business, almost a third (27 percent) still equated the visibility of their IT department into their company's business initiatives to a foggy day in London, according to the 2013 Cisco Global IT Impact Survey. 2013 Cisco Global IT Impact Survey Infographic
The top research findings reveal: · Applications and user expectations are becoming more complex: almost three-fourths of IT participants (71 percent) reported that IT is deploying more applications today than one year ago. · IT and the network are increasingly recognized as enabling the business: a higher percentage (78 percent) stated the network is more critical for delivering applications than it was at this time last year. · IT-business alignment is imp…

Business Service Managament, fitur menarik AppManager

Business Service ManagementManageEngine® Applications Manager helps enterprises ensure their critical business applications have high uptime. The Business Services Management capability adds a business context to monitoring IT resources and helps the IT Team to proactively monitor the servers, applications, network services and ensure IT Operations have visibility on how IT resources impact business applications. By better visibility, IT Managers can ensure adequate resources are provisioned for IT Services that impact the business and ensure IT meets the goals of the business. Traditional Systems and Network Management tools use a siloed approach to monitoring. This makes the workflow for the Operations Team more complex and does not help the IT Team to troubleshoot performance issues quickly. However ManageEngine Applications Manager gives an integrated view across technology silos. Complex infrastructure need powerful tools to simplify monitoring. Today's Web Applications are N-T…

4 elemen dasar untuk strategi Monitoring Performansi Aplikasi

The Anatomy of APM – 4 Foundational Elements to a Successful StrategyApril 04, 2012 by Larry Dragich Auto Club Group By embracing End-User-Experience (EUE) measurements as a key vehicle for demonstrating productivity, you build trust with your constituents in a very tangible way. The translation of IT metrics into business meaning (value) is what APM is all about. The goal here is to simplify a complicated technology space by walking through a high-level view within each core element. I’m suggesting that the success factors in APM adoption center around the EUE and the integration touch points with the Incident Management process. When looking at APM at 20,000 feet, four foundational elements come into view:

- Top Down Monitoring (RUM)

- Bottom Up Monitoring (Infrastructure)

- Incident Management Process (ITIL)

- Reporting (Metrics)

Top Down MonitoringTop Down Monitoring is also referred to as Real-time Application Monitoring that focuses on the End-User-Experience. It has two has two component…

5 dimensi Gartner tentang monitoring performansi aplikasi (APM)

Gartner's 5 Dimensions of APMby Pete Goldin Gartner's recently published Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring defines “five distinct dimensions of, or perspectives on, end-to-end application performance” which are essential to APM, listed below. Gartner points out that although each of these five technologies are distinct, and often deployed by different stakeholders, there is “a high-level, circular workflow that weaves the five dimensions together.” 1. End-user experience monitoringEnd-user experience monitoring is the first step, which captures data on how end-to-end performance impacts the user, and identifies the problem. 2. Runtime application architecture discovery, modeling and displayThe second step, the software and hardware components involved in application execution, and their communication paths, are studied to establish the potential scope of the problem. 3. User-defined transaction profilingThe third step involves examining user-defined transactions…

Monitoring dan manajemen performansi aplikasi

Application Performance, atau performansi aplikasi, saat ini semakin banyak diminati oleh banyak perusahaan. Kepentingan mereka adalah untuk mengetahui kinerja, respons aplikasi, hingga problem yang muncul terkait dengan permasalahan yang muncul.

APM Convergence: Monitoring vs. ManagementMarch 06, 2013 by Larry Dragich Auto Club Group APM is entering into a period of intense competition of technology and strategy with a multiplicity of vendors and viewpoints. While the nomenclature used within its space has five distinct dimensions that elucidate its meaning, the very acronym of APM is in question: Application Performance ... Monitoring vs. Management. It's strange to think that we would not normally use monitoring and management synonymously, but when used in the APM vernacular they seem to be interchangeable. This may be a visceral response, but I see the APM idiom converging on itself and becoming a matter of expectations vs. aspirations. Application Performance Monitoring is the ex…

Paessler memperkenalkan sertifikasi Partner nya.

Paessler Intros Partner Certification Program For PRTG Network Monitoring SoftwareNetwork monitoring specialist Paessler AG is rolling out its first-ever partner certification program for its PRTG network monitoring software. Paessler, a Nuremberg, Germany-based company with a growing footprint in the U.S. market and the channel, is offering both a sales and technical certification program for its flagship PRTG software. The aim of these programs, Paessler said, is to provide a level of distinction to some of its top solution provider partners and help those partners increase their visibility among potential clients. "We have been asked been asked by our partners -- especially by VARs, system integrators and smaller resellers -- 'how can we qualify and how can we show our qualifications,'" said Thomas Timmermann, vice president of business development, North America at Paessler. "[Partners said] 'we have been working with PRTG for years, we know the software, …

Windows 8 gagal mengangkat penjualan PC

Gartner: Windows 8 failed to kick-start PC marketSummary: The latest report released by research firm Gartner suggests that dwindling PC sales are signalling a turn in the PC market, and Windows 8 has done nothing to stop it. By  for Between the Lines | January 14, 2013 -- 10:51 GMT (18:51 SGT) 72Comments 0Votes

Penjualan Chip meningkat, meskipun penjualan PC menurun

Chip sales up slightly in Q1 despite continued PC market declineSummary: Sales in semiconductors are up month-on-month and year-on-year, but the balancing act between PCs and tablets is beginning to help the memory and chip making industry recover. By  for Between the Lines | May 6, 2013 -- 13:15 GMT (21:15 SGT) 3Comments 0Votes