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Monitoring dengan PRTG

PRTG Network Monitor, Part 2Posted by  on Friday, July 19th 2013    Since my last post on the PRTG monitor, I’ve added some more probes (thanks to their offer of a free upgrade to 30 sensors).
However, before I got started, the monitor showed that the system health had an alert:

I clicked on the red alert box, and the detail page is displayed:

The server that hosts the PRTG Network monitor is intentionally underpowered as to consume as little electricity as possible (it’s a HP ProLiant Micro Tower Server as seen here on Amazon. It’s 64 bit, had has 4 non-hot swappable drive bays. It runs 64 Bit Windows 8 very nicely.) Because it’s underpowered, it often can be utilized heavily by the various routine processes that are always running on it. I logged in to the server (remote desktop), and the new Task Manager app made it clear what was happening:

I’d started a “maintenance” cycle earlier which apparently included a disk defrag.
Back to the sensors – I‘ve got quite a few network connected…