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IT Governance model can be misleading…(COBIT vs ISO 38500)

IT Governance model or concept can be misleading because of the tendency within the IT sector to transpose the terms ‘management’ and ‘governance’. Almost everything that is touted today as IT Governance by the industry is actually just plain old IT management. Governance and management are fundamentally different things. Tools that used to be promoted as IT management or IT service management tools suddenly became IT governance tools. COBIT, which always regard as “the best practice for it management” or ITIL, which always regard as “the best practice for it service management”, is mentioned frequently these days as an IT governance model. An architect of the ISO-38500 standard believes the best way to ensure smooth IT operation and prevent high-profile IT project failures is to introduce director-level IT Governance. The statement of the ISO 38500 architect above that involve the director-level on the discussion of IT Governance will of course sound strange to people who do not know cle…

Apa bedanya IT Compliance dengan IT Governance?


Apa bedanya IT Compliance dengan IT Governance? Mereka yang baru bergabung di dunia teknologi informasi mungkin masih merasa asing mendengar istilah IT Compliance dan IT Governance. Memang kedua istilah ini belum terlalu lama dikenal dalam dunia teknologi informasi, baru sekitar 10 tahun yang lalu banyak dibicarakan orang. Menurut kamus,complianceyang dalam bahasa Indonesia bermaknakepatuhan, adalah bertindak (sesuai) dengan standar yang diterima (oleh peraturan, lingkungan, komunitas dll). Contohnya, mengemudi sesuai dengan batas kecepatan yang diperbolehkan adalah sebuah tindakankepatuhan, sama halnya dengan peraturan yang hanya memperbolehkan satu buah tas tangan saja yang dibawa masuk ke pesawat. Sebuah DVD player yang diproduksi sesuai dengan spesifikasi teknis untuk cakram (disc) disebut memenuhi suatu set standar. Kepatuhan juga dapat berarti mengikuti seperangkat aturan atau rambu-rambu agar s…

Cloud balancing, interkoneksi data center dalam satu Cloud

The art of cloud balancing: Interconnect data centers to be one cloud Tom Nolle E-MailPrintAAAAAAinShareFacebookTwitter

Membuat cloud personal storage dengan mudah menggunakan Draytek Vigor.

Membuat cloud personal storage dengan mudah menggunakan Draytek Vigor.

 Vigor 2710 Series ADSL Router  SoHo  ADSL/ADSL2+ RouterCompatible with ADSL, ADSL Max, ADSL2+ & Annex MWireless - 802.11n Wireless LAN ('n' models)Twin VoIP Phone Ports with POTS passthrough (2710Vn only)NAS Facility - Add a USB memory key for shared LAN
storage/access (Requires USB Memory)USB Printer Port to share/access a printerObject based FirewallContent Filtering & Access Control4-Port 10/100BaseT Ethernet SwitchWireless On/Off & WPS Buttons ('n' model only)WMM - WiFi multimedia ('n' model only)Easy configuration, monitoring & control from web-interfaceDial-Out VPN FacilitiesPC Advisor Wireless Router of the year 2011 OverviewWiFiVoice-over-IPNASContent FilteringSpecificationAccessories0Network Attached Storage (NAS)
The Vigor 2710 Series's USB port can also be used to add storage memory to the unit in the form of a USB memory key (as shown right) or for higher capaci…

Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways 2013

Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways 2 July 2013 ID:G00247704 Analyst(s): Peter Firstbrook, Brian Lowans VIEW SUMMARY The secure email gateway market is mature. Buyers should focus on strategic vendors, data loss prevention capability encryption and better protection from targeted phishing attacks. Market Definition/Description Secure email gateways (SEGs) provide protection from email spam and malware, and also provide outbound email content inspection and encryption of emails. The SEG market is mature. The penetration rate of commercial SEG solutions is close to 100% of enterprises. Buyers are becoming more price-sensitive; slightly less than 80% of recently surveyed reference customers (see Note 1) said that price was important or very important in their next SEG purchase. The market growth rate has leveled off, and there are no significant market entrants or acquisitions — all classic signs of a mature market. Despite the market maturity, companies can't do without SEG solut…