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Prediksi Gartner utk vertikal industri di 2014

Gartner Identifies Top Vertical Industry Predictions for IT Organizations for 2014Many Industries Face Accelerating Pressure for Fundamental Business Transformation Gartner, Inc. has revealed its top industry predictions for IT organizations and users for 2014 and beyond. Most industries are facing accelerating pressure for fundamental transformation, including embracing digitalization in order to survive and stay competitive. Gartner's annual Predicts research on industry trends titled "Top Industries Predicts 2014: The Pressure for Fundamental Transformation Continues to Accelerate" features 12 strategic planning assumptions that CIOs, senior business executives and IT leaders should factor into their enterprise planning and strategy-setting initiatives. "Transformation remains a critically important phenomenon across all industries. Many industries will face intense challenges in 2014 and beyond, and will have no choice but to radically change their established busi…

Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends For 2014

Apakah ada yang termasuk yang selama ini Anda geluti ?

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