Cari solusi monitoring log AS/400 Jurnal Audit ?

Salah satu hal yang manarik dari EventLog Analyzer adalah kemampuan untuk menganalisa AS/400 Journal Audit logs.

EventLog Analyzer 8.6 - What's New?
  • Cloud infrastructure log monitoringEventLog Analyzer supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 Windows instance logs. You can collect,analyze,search,archive AWS EC2 instance logs in a centralized location with EventLog Analyzer
  • Support to MS SQL Audit logsYou can collect MS SQL audit logs at real time. You can get a dozen exclusive canned reports for MS SQL audit logs. You can schedule the reports at regular intervals, export them in PDF format and even redistribute the reports via email.
  • Supports IBM AS/400/ iSeries Journal Audit logsYou can now generate and schedule User based reports for IBM AS/400/iSeries journal logs. The default host report provides you with the important events that includes all the audited logs of IBM AS/400/iSeries machine.
    You can also generate reports, trigger alerts and filter journal logs based on audited fields.
  • Supports Tagging the logsMake the Log Search easier and efficient by allowing to search the logs with simple tags
  • Advanced Alert OptionsAllows you to set up the alert criteria with custom extracted fields for Oracle, MS SQL, Print Server, IIS and other application logs.
    FIM Alerts - You can now trigger alerts and get real time notification for any changes occurring the files and folders.
  • On the fly extraction and creation of new fields to index custom logs while importing

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