Prediksi ManageEngine 2014 - Security & Accessibility

Executive Viewpoint 2014 Prediction: Manage Engine - Balancing Demands for Security and Accessibility
Looking ahead to 2014, two dominant, often-competing IT demands promise to dominate the new year — the demand for security and the demand for accessibility. Now more than ever, users want their data and their apps on their terms, i.e., anytime, anywhere, on any device, without compromising security or privacy. And companies will spend a good chunk of 2014 working to give users exactly what they want. To that end, you’ll see several trends emerge or accelerate in next 12 months, including:
Renewed Interest in Identity Access Management – Access management was once confined to applications and devices residing inside a company’s firewall, and many companies utilized directory services databases such as Active Directory to manage authentication and authorization to IT assets. As more of computing happens outside the firewall and beyond the control of Active Directory, companies will craft identity access management strategies for applications residing in the cloud and mobile device access.
Safeguarding Against Snooping – Internet service providers and cloud application vendors will provide more assurances that they have strategies for protecting businesses and consumers from government snooping. Yahoo and Twitter have already announced enhanced security to protect their users’ data and privacy.
Social Reigns Supreme – Social communication technology will usurp email as the primary mode of internal communications. Private social networks will become pervasive as businesses discover the benefits of collaborating in real time, organizing posts and comments as threaded discussions, and subjecting content to the peer review and vote.
Ongoing Displacement of the Desktop OS – Desktop operating systems will continue to give way to mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android. Desktop operating systems — especially Microsoft Windows — will feel the pressure from browser-based systems like Google’s Chrome OS as users find most of their applications and computing are online.
SDNs Emerge as a Viable Option for Computer Networking – Software-defined networks (SDNs) will see a growing number of deployments as increased processing power overcomes the last major obstacle to making SDNs viable. The flexibility and simplified management and administration of SDNs have already been recognized as superior to that of hardware-centric networks.
Security Pros Fortify Mobile Passwords – A growing number of organizations will implement mobile password self-service, enabling users to resolve their password-related issues from their smartphones and tablets without having to call the IT help desk. If nothing else, the move is critical to encouraging mobile users to adopt strong, unique passwords for all of the applications and services they use while on the go. If a user forgets her password, she can reset it immediately, without intervention – and delay – from a help desk technician.