Membuat Policy

Developing Policy

Policy can mean different things to different people and be structured in different ways according to the needs of the organization.
This section looks at some of those ways.
Effective Security Systems Require Explicit Policies
Policies are an organization's most effective tool for good governance and the smooth running of operations.  They are management's instructions on how the organization is to be run.
"Policy: Clarifying What is expected."
Policies are essential to the effective, efficient and reliable operation of an organization.  They lead to smooth, consistent and efficient operations.
"Guidelines: How to make decisions without perfect information"
Properly structured, Policies are general statements that do not need to be revised as the details of technology and products change.  Policies are accompanied by guidelines as to how they are to be applied in new situations.
"Standards: References, and documented agreements contains precise criteria to be used consistently as rules, definitions or specifications."