Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Overall, Policies are an organization’s most effective tool for good governance and the smooth running of operations. They are management’s instructions on how the organization is to be run.
Policies are essential to the effective, efficient and reliable operation of an organization. They lead to smooth, consistent and efficient operations.
Properly structured, Policies are general statements that do not need to be revised as the details of technology and products change. Policies are accompanied by guidelines as to how they are to be applied in new situations.

System Integrity is experienced in the development of Policies for Information Security, Privacy and Governance.

We can guide and assist you and your staff to develop your own policies and procedures in a way that best suits the needs of your organization.

What Makes Policy Sucessful?

For security policies to succeed they must meet these simple requirements:
  • Management must support the policies.
  • The policies must be:
    • concise and understandable
    • technically feasible
    • enforceable
    • implemented globally and consistently
    • widely distributed and easily accessible
    • flexible to adapt to changing technologies and institution goals
At the same time it is sensible that policies should:
  • balance protection with productivity
  • state reasons why policy is needed
  • describe what is covered by the policies
  • define contacts and responsibilities
  • discuss how violations will be handled and provide sanction
  • contain a response plan for remediation in the event of failures