Versi terbaru dari PRTG Paessler

In the overview below you see which features or functionalities were released when. It has been grouped in quarters for your convenience and starts with the launch of our continuous rollout release modus.
You will find all news in PRTG of a quarter arranged by features, sensors and general improvements.

Quarter 1 in 2014, Version to

  • WebGUI:
    • Completely revised and updated look&feel of the Ajax Web GUI
    • Added a filter option on similar sensors overview page
    • Extended filter for search in tickets
    • Toplists now show range lookups
  • PRTG now includes its own ticket system. With the ticket system you can manage and maintain various issues which may appear while monitoring your network with PRTG. Note: The new ticket system replaces the existing 'ToDos' functionality. When PRTG needs to tell the admin something important, it will now create a new 'ToDo Ticket'; a notification about this will now be sent to all PRTG System Administrators user groups.
  • The "ToDo" feature has been replaced by the tickets feature. Existing todos are converted into tickets as soon as you update to this version. See above.
  • Added "One-time maintenance window" and "Add Device Tool..." to context menu
  • Optimized the detection of devices with multiple IP addresses (in order to avoid multiple monitoring of these devices)
  • Completely rewritten Syslog Receiver and SNMP Trap Receiver sensors designed for high performance. For details, please see our blog article
  • SNMP Windows Service sensor monitors a service via SNMP
  • SNMP Cisco UCS Chassis sensor monitors the health status of the chassis of a Cisco "Unified Computing and Server" device
  • SNMP Cisco UCS System Health sensor monitors the system health of a Cisco "Unified Computing and Server" device
  • SNMP LenovoEMC Physical Disk sensor monitors a physical disk in LenovoEMC NAS
  • SNMP LenovoEMC System Health sensor monitors the System Health of a LenovoEMC NAS
  • SNMP NetApp Logical Unit sensor monitors the I/O on a logical unit of a NetApp storage system
  • WMI Volume Fragmentation sensor monitors the fragmentation of a logical volume
  • HTTP Push Count sensor provides a URL (webhook) that can be used to push messages to the server using http. The sensor will count the pushed messages and display the count of received messages with every scan.
  • SNMP IBM System X System Health sensor enhanced with an additional instance for "Overall Health" on Integrated Management Modules (IMMs)
  • File Content sensor can now also handle text files containing Unix-Linefeeds
          • When using a secure connection, the PRTG webserver now accepts SSLv3 and TLSv1 with AES or DES only 
          • Safari 7+ and Opera 12+ can now log into the Ajax WebGUI (please note that both browsers are still not officially supported)
          • Updated German, French, and Czech language version
          • Stability improvements for configurations with multiple PRTG core servers as well as many other improvements and bugfixes
          • Multiple improvements and bugfixes throughout the entire Ajax web interface, including channel editing, IE 11 compatibility, top 10 lists, and the Maps feature.
          • Stability improvements for setups using Oracle SQL sensors
          • Various other bugfixes and improvements to the WebGUI, the sensors, the Enterprise Console, and the user manual.