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Site24x7 website monitoring lets you track the availability and response time of your websites from 50+ monitoring locations across the globe. Keeping a close watch on how your website behaves for your customers, lets you attend performance issues faster before it impacts your end user.Website Monitoring

Web Application Monitoring Monitor the up-time and performance of your business critical e-commerce or banking applications from 50+ monitoring locations across the globe. Site24x7 lets you record each step in your e-cart or play back these synthetic transactions at regular intervals to find out if there is any sluggishness in application performance that will drive away your impatient customer.

Get in-depth visibility on how your webpage is loading for your customers across the globe. Track performance of individual HTML components such as JavaScript, CSS and images. Also view throughput of webserver running main domains and sub-domains.Web Page Analyzer

Services Monitoring
Services Monitoring
Monitor availability of critical services. We support monitoring HTTP(S), FTP(S), DNS, PING, TCP, SSL, SMTP, POP, etc.

Monitor your Java.NET and Ruby on Rails web transactions and drill down to offending code and pinpoint root cause of issues from the cloud.Application Performance Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring Get comprehensive performance metrics of Amazon EC2 and RDS instances and ensure peak performance of business-critical applications and services hosted on your Amazon platforms. Gain insight into the resource utilization of EC2 and RDS instances and the applications running on them.

Gain a holistic view of your VMware infrastructure. Monitor VMware vSphere hosts andvirtual machines (VMs). Get graphical views, alarms and thresholds, out-of-the-box reports, comprehensive fault management and maximum ESX server uptime.VMware Monitoring

Server Monitoring Monitor critical server metrics such as CPU, Disk, Memory, Process, Services and Network Utilization of Windows servers that run critical applications. Ensure minimum overhead and maintenance costs.

Monitor performance of Mailbox, Hub Transport, Client Access, Unified Messaging and Edge roles in your Exchange deployment.Exchange Server Monitoring

DNS Server Monitoring Site24x7 can ensure DNS look-ups are working and your DNS server is resolving domain names correctly. You can also monitor the response time for DNS resolutions and DNS look-ups.

Set alerts to notify you before the SSL certificate of your website expires. Ensure you have a valid SSL certificate to maintain customer confidence on you online presence.SSL Certificate Monitoring

FTP RTT Monitoring Check the response time for uploading and downloading important files via your FTP server. Ensure optimum performance by checking the round trip time of your FTP service.

Mail server monitoring from Site24x7 does a complete mail server round trip time check and ensure optimum performance. It does things just like your email client (Outlook or Thunderbird) and can monitor the response time and performance of your mail servers, both outgoing SMTP and incoming POP/IMAP.Mail Server Monitoring

Performance Reports Monitor intranet portals, ERP systems, payroll applications, ping network devices, application servers, database servers and ensure other custom applications are up and performing optimally. On-Premise Poller helps you monitor internal resources and pushes performance and uptime information to Site24x7 using a cloud friendly architecture (one way HTTPS).

Be notified about performance or downtime issues anywhere, anytime with alert mechanisms that support SMS, Email, Push Notifications, Twitter and RSS Feeds.Alerts and notifications

Root Cause Analysis Root Cause Analysis is a comprehensive report based on trace route, ping output, DNS reports and web page screenshots that gives you a conclusion on what caused the issue. With RCA you get down to fix the issue right away.

Define service level agreements and track their adherence.SLA Management

Status View & Operations Dashboard
Status View & Operations Dashboard
View the status of all your monitors in a single place like a LCD screen in a NOC. You can also embed this view in your webpage. The advantage of Status View or Dashboard is that it auto-refreshes and you can view the status of your monitors anytime without having to login to you account each time.

In-depth and exhaustive reports that lets you analyze the performance of your monitors and identify trends over a period of time. Schedule Reports option to receive reports at your chosen time and day. Export Reports option to export different reports as CSV, PDF, Excel or Email formats to be used for internal purposes.Performance Reports

Mobile Access Apps for Android and iPhone and a dedicated mobile web that lets you track the status of your monitors anywhere, anytime.

REST style APIs allows you to pull Site24x7 data in XML or JSON formats and integrate with your existing business applications.Dedicated API

User Management Provide role based access to view reports , status pages and monitor details to your employees, manager or your hosting provider himself.