Kami gunakan PDCA utk maintenance services kami.

"Preventive maintenance" helps keep your machine in optimal conditions...
To ensure the quality of products, it is essential that you always keep your machine in a good state. And, to expect a stable performance from your machine, periodic servicing, inspection, and maintenance are indispensable.
We totally backs up our customers in facility operations by offering a unique "menu of preventive maintenance services."

"Preventive maintenance" ensures no bad effect on your production plan

In a general machine maintenance or management, you perform replacement or repair of failed parts only "after" a machine comes to a sudden stop or fails and you cannot restart production until inspection and repair of the machine is completed, which has no little effect on your production plan.
On the other hand, our "preventive maintenance" system prevents sudden machine stoppage by means of periodic inspection and incorporates an inspection schedule into your production plan to enable planned maintenance and management of your machine and contribute to the execution of your production plan.
Preventive maintenance ensures no bad effect on your production plan
"Preventive maintenance" ensures no bad effect on your production plan

Preventive maintenance in the PDCA cycle

DCMS "preventive maintenance" system is based on the PDCA cycle consisting of the following four specific phases:
  • P (Plan: Making a machine inspection plan)
  • D (Do: Executing machine inspection)
  • C (Check: Identifying and diagnosing portions where a failure or fault is anticipated, based on the results of inspection)
  • A (Action: Repairing failed or damaged portions as planned)
Repeating this 4-phase cycle periodically helps protect your machine from a sudden failure and allows you to use it under reliable conditions.
Preventive maintenance cycle
Preventive maintenance cycle