Nagios XI 2014, banyak peningkatan

Nagios® XI 2014 provides several substantial upgrades over previous versions including the following: 

    Custom Dashboard Nagios XI 2014
  • Performance: Nagios XI 2014 uses the powerful Nagios Core 4 monitoring engine to provide users with an increase in performance over previous versions of XI. Nagios XI 2014 provides users with greater scalability while utilizing server resources efficiently to maximize overall monitoring performance.

  • Enhanced Visualizations & Graphing Engine: A new and improved graphing engine allows for extensive analysis of monitoring metrics including custom time frames, user menu memory, and direct linking to monitored devices. Stacked Graphs allow for a visual representation of several devices so users can easily pinpoint a problem area or device.

  • Updated Web Interface: Nagios XI 2014 now has a brand new, updated theme. The web-interface is modern and easy to navigate allowing users to quickly gather and analyze monitoring data from their network. Quick-search functionality and a Birdseye dashboard allow users to find problem areas faster and minimize downtime.

  • Instant Remote Host Access: Provides users with instant remote access to any device they are monitoring. Access any host via RDP, VNC, Telnet, or SSH directly through the Nagios XI interface to quickly and easily perform corrective action to a specific network device.

  • Service Status Dashboard Nagios XI 2014
  • Automatic Decommissioning: Ensures network monitoring work-flow remains clean and organized by eliminating unwanted and unacknowledged notifications. Host configurations for devices that are in a problem state for too long are automatically removed to minimize false-positives and provide greater network clarity.

  • Advanced Configuration Snapshot Archive: Provides users with an archive of past configuration snapshots to revert to if problems occur in the current configuration. The Configuration Snapshot feature saves the most recent configurations in addition to any snapshots that are archived. The Snapshot Archive ensures configurations remain organized, secure, and allows for a quick recovery when needed.

  • Automated Back-Up Scheduler: Nagios XI 2014 now has an automatic back-up scheduler to ensure that configuration data and critical Nagios files are saved before any updates are made. Additionally, back-ups can be scheduled on a recurring basis so your monitoring environment always has a proper configuration and critical system files are secure.

  • Mass Acknowledgment Tool: Enables users to acknowledge batches of alerts and modify scheduled downtime, thus simplifying the management of large environments and network incidents.

  • Monitoring Wizards Nagios XI 2014
  • Monitoring Wizards: Nagios XI 2014 comes pre-packaged with several new and updated Configuration Wizards including: Updated Switch/Router Wizard, MongoDB Server Wizard, MongoDB Database Wizard, Domain Expiration Wizard, and an NCPA Wizard.

  • Easy Upgrading: Nagios XI 2014 now supports system upgrades directly from the web-interface dramatically simplifying the upgrade process. Administrators can easily maintain a safe and secure monitoring environment by upgrading to the latest version of XI which includes feature enhancements, bug fixes, and resolved security vulnerabilities.

  • Help System Integration: Provides users with an actionable button on each page in the Nagios XI interface that links to helpful, relevant support documentation, tutorial videos, and more.

  • Service-Level Agreement (SLA) Reports: Provide users the ability to measure effectiveness of specific hosts, services, and business processes to determine if service-level agreements are being met. Schedule reports to be sent on a recurring basis for quick and accurate network performance statistics.