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SupportCenter Plus - Workflow

Customer Support Software

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Customer Support Software

Ticket Management

E-Mail Response Management

Automatically handles incoming email messages according to the specified rules.
Unique incoming email IDs, sender name and sender ID can be configured for each business unit.
Create multiple templates with different values for each department; make ticket creation faster than ever.
Spam filter can be configured to filter unwanted spam mails coming into the support system.

Account and Contact Management

Lets you store every information relating to the customer. This information is intelligently presented to the technicians who handle customer tickets. Thus, detailed information about the customer's business, his timezone etc. provides deeper insight and comes in handy when dealing with customer issues.

Managing Subaccounts

Accounts & their Sub-accounts can be managed in a hierarchial format in SupportCenter. The members belonging to these accounts & subaccounts can be managed separately and suitable permissions can be provided for accessing the customer portal.

Multiple Services for different customers - Contracts Management

Hour based, incident based or fixed - manage and renew it as per your commitment to your customers.
Automatic notifications can be set upon the end of the contract.
Link with your products and Service level agreements to set customer expectations based on which work is planned.


Based on each request resolution times for every customer, identify the total hours spent for every customer and Calculate based on hours and using the specified charges, bill your customers accordingly.

Customer Experience Management

Customer portal

Embed the customer portal to your website for ticket creation, user registration, view knowledge base by your customers.
Change the look and feel of the customer portal with extreme flexible customizations.
Customer Helpdesk Software

Computer telephony

Screen pop with caller information and one-click review/create requests to each support rep.
Click-to-dial your customers instantly.
Customer Helpdesk Software

Remote assistance

One click email to customers to provide remote assistance.
Share your desktop, view another desktop or troubleshoot remotely, without switching to a different tool.
Customer Support Software

User surveys

Create and trigger users surveys automatically on completion of a request.
Customer Support Software
Monitor or report your supportrep's/company's performance from customer's view.

Reports, Dashboards & KPIs

Reports & Dashboards helps summarize information across various modules and present it for easy analysis.
Dashboards & KPIs
Customer Support Software
Dashboards are mainly intended for keeping the help desk crew informed of the current happening in the help desk.
More than 50+ out-of-the-box Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as they are popularly known, are presented as graphical widgets for easy comprehension of the help desk scenario.
Drag & drop these widgets to create new Dashboards and share them with other technicians.

Reports - Predefined & Custom Reports

Customer Support Software
Predefined reports that allow you to extract real time information summarized in tabular & matrix formats with charting options.
Custom reports allows you drill down into minute details. Step-by-step wizard based reporting helps create even complex reports with ease.
Report output can be exported into common formats such as PDF, CSV, XLS, HTML etc. They can also be scheduled to be generated at a particular time slot and emailed to specified members.