Data Center pertama yang dapat ISO27000 gunakan 400 sensor AKCP

Asia's first ISO27000 certified data center monitors 400 sensors with AKCP.

EASPNET has multiple IDC centers and provides hosting services to their customers. Not only a first class Data Center in Asia, eASPNet is proud to be the Tier 1+ Internet / Sub-marine Cable landing hub of Taiwan and housing world renowned carriers as the Asia POP such as AT&T, Sprint, BT, PCCW, and SingTel.
eASPNet's IXC data center was the first data center in Asia to be certified as an international professional standard by TruSecure and receive ISO27000 certifications in year 2012. Using AKCP equipment they provide 99.999% reliability utilization and 24x7 monitoring services. They have multiple location across Taiwan and eASPNet trusts AKCP to monitor and run their mission critical components.
Monitoring requirements include door and cabinet access in addition to temperature and humidity levels, water tanks, batteries, and oil tanks. Multiple locations are monitored at a singular Network Operations Center using AKCP's AKCess Pro Server.
They have installed a securityProbe5ES-X60 on one floor with an additional expansion units on each additional floor. EASPNET then utilized the AKCess Pro Server in their control center to monitor sensors and dry contact status.
Unit interfaces are then displayed on large screen monitors with in the NOC so all employees are aware of sensor statuses.
The major reason that they decided to utilize AKCP solutions is because we can provide remote monitoring via IP and also support SNMP. It was imperative that all the units to communicate properly.
" Temperature and humidity level are monitored in each cabinet. Spot water sensors line the floor with motion detectors controlling the rooms lighting. HVAC units are also monitored and controlled via the AKCess Pro Server. Being able to use AKCP for the entire project made sure everything was seamless and integrated. " David Reid, Vice President of Operations, AKCP