Wifi Monitor Plus, aplikasi Free monitor Wifi

Free WiFi Monitor Plus Android App
  • Monitor your WiFi on the go!
  • Supervise the WiFi networks of your enterprise
  • Scan for all the WiFi Signals available
  • Know the strengths of the available signals
  • Get a graphical view of all the channels carrying the WiFi signals
  • Keep a tab on channel interference
  • Get the widget that shows the channel graphs on your devices' home screen
  • Load your own floor plans & generate reports of your WiFi environment.
Free Wifi Monitor

Free WiFi Monitor plus - Android App

Free Android App for WiFi Monitoring

Analyze your WiFi networks and identify the reason behind spotty WiFi connectivity.  Isolate and resolve the issue with your WiFi network using the diagnostic android app, ManageEngine WiFi Monitor Plus. Take stock of the performance of all the networks available at various points of your environment. Send the report to your manager directly from your android device - simple and easy.

Monitor the WiFi channels and its interference

Do you receive complaints from users about slow or no WiFi?  It could be channel interference that is thwarting your WiFi performance. Find out if the interference is Co-channel or Inter-channel. Spot the channel that tampers your network and optimize your network to the quietest channel.

Keep tabs on the WiFi signal strength

Instantly identify the signal with the best strength. The Signal graph filters out the weakest signals by default. The GUI has provisions to view all the available signals and the weakest signals too. These smart filters de-clutter the graph and give more visibility into the WiFi health. 

Site surveys with custom floor plans

Upload your own floor plans  from your devices' gallery or Dropbox or sample floor plans available in the App. Survey multiple locations on a site for signal strength and record the WiFi performance. Generate and export survey reports from your device!

Get the WiFi heatmap and use it for Network Analysis

See exactly where your WiFi network is cold, warm or red hot. Ascertain the quality of coverage that your access points provide and optimize the location of your access points accordingly. Heatmap reports of the site surveys enable you to size up the network coverage of the access points at different locations.

How-to videos:

Wifi Analyzer Wifi Surveyor 
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