Bagaimana CRM bisa membantu Event manajemen.

How CRM Can Help with Event Management

Meetings, conferences, and the like are important events to help promote businesses and gain customers. But planning an event isn’t that easy – establishing dates, inviting guests, searching a location and preparing resources are just some of the tasks to be accomplished. An impressive event will surely make your customer pleased and lead to great reviews and for them to share your products to others. The use of a CRM system’s event management capabilities can help ensure a successful event.

With the aid of CRM systems’ scheduler and calendar functions, planning events can be stress-free. These components are vital in the event management cycle of: Plan, Promote and Track. (

Planning the event entails scheduling of tasks and reminding team members what needs to be done. When event information is entered into the CRM calendar, the type of event and the resources needed are laid out for the team to verify. Team members can track what resources for an event needs to be looked into and other teams can confirm what resources (such as venue, equipment) are already allocated a specified date. Manage organizers, lecturers, VIP’s, etc by having specific information about them in one location, with their specializations to make assignments effortless.

Promoting the event requires current information from the CRM system. Getting hold of customer details and inviting them, through a phone call or email message is made easy by CRM systems. Ideally the CRM system is a repository of customer details which includes their email address, location, social media account name and phone numbers enabling easy sending of invites. Email invites can be sent to a specified list of recipients or when invites are done through phone calls, employees are prepared with the correct customer information. The event can be publicized via social media as well. With knowledge of customer preferences, the right people to invite can also be identified.

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And when customers confirm to attend, the CRM system can help tally it, as well as track who among the invited list confirmed and how many visitors signed up for an event. Prior to the event, metrics are shown that can help in the event’s implementation. Available tickets or the number of registrants can help determine changes in event details or if a vigorous event campaign is necessary.

During these stages, other vital data can be collected and can be used for future events, improving customer service or for designing better sales strategy. Costs and income generated can be compared, typical enquiries and complaints from customers are noted, and opportunities and leads are identified.

With CRM systems’ Event Management capabilities, dealings can now be implemented with no or negligible snags and at the same time gather pertinent information to analyze, which can then assist business development.