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ManageEngine Unveils New IT Monitoring App for Android Devices

ManageEngine's WiFi Monitor Plus lets IT admins monitor, analyze and survey WiFi signals from their Android devices.
ManageEngine has launched WiFi Monitor Plus, a free diagnostic application for Android mobile devices.
Vidya Vasu, head of ManageEngine Free Tools
IT management software provider ManageEngineyesterday unveiled WiFi Monitor Plus, a free diagnostic application for Android mobile devices.
WiFi Monitor Plus is available via ManageEngine Free Toolsand lets IT administrators monitor, analyze and survey WiFi signals directly from their Android devices.
"[This app] transforms the way work is done by IT admins," Vidya Vasu, head of ManageEngine Free Tools, told MSPmentor. "It brings enterprise-grade analysis of the WiFi situation. Now, IT admins are forced to carry their laptops with them for analyzing WiFi networks and diagnosing issues. The app will be a handy alternative, which will make the IT admin more effective [and] maybe even proactive and responsive, resulting in happier employees."
Vasu noted the app provides IT admins with a channel interference graph that shows both co-channel and inter-channel interference.
"[This] is a unique functionality that adds value by equipping the IT admins with actionable information. They can quickly decide on a course of action such as turning off a channel to increase the WiFi signal strength," she said in a prepared statement.
WiFi Monitor Plus also features:
  • Channel Graph widget
  • WiFi heatmaps
  • WiFi signal graph filters
The app includes two user modes:
  • Analyzer mode -- Enables users to view available networks, graphs of the scanned networks' signal strength and channels with interference.
  • Surveyor mode -- Allows users to survey a site for the best signal strength.
WiFi Monitor Plus can be downloaded for free here.
What other WiFi monitoring apps are available for enterprises and SMBs?
In addition to ManageEngine's WiFi Monitor Plus, enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have many options when it comes to WiFi monitoring apps.
Fluke Networks offers AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO, an app that provides root-cause reports for WiFi problems.
AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO offers WiFi interference detection and analysis as well.
XirrusWi-Fi Inspector is another option for enterprises and SMBs.
This WiFi monitoring app allows users to "easily gain visibility into [a] network" and runs on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 laptops, according to Xirrus.