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A geo-marketing performance management process fostering collaboration

Like many fast growing and complex businesses, MNO’s across emerging markets suffer from 2 key management challenges:
  • Little performance visibility at a granular level: performance is managed at a national or regional level around a small number of KPIs, but there is little visibility and strategy differentiation at the local level
  • Insufficient communication and collaboration across departments: companies are managed in silos with each functional department working individually, irrespective of the priorities of other departments or often, the business as a whole.  This situation generates large inefficiencies and poor returns on investment (e.g. network teams open new sites without sales and distribution’s knowledge. Thus, despite great network coverage, there are few points of sales to capture the potential market)

Our War Room solution

To rectify this situation we have developed a War Room geo-marketing solution that aligns guided Analytic tools to a management process, automatically recommending actions based on potential return.
How does the War Room work?
  • Enhanced visibility and decision-making
    Use up-to-date detailed data, visually attractive dashboards, and methodologies to manage your performance, run remote diagnostics and capture the value from high potential towns. The tool includes an exercise of splitting the national business plan targets per town
  • Identification of the most profitable and fastest growing geographies
    The Engine Room dashboards use the latest mapping tools to show your performance compared to targets. You can quickly identify high potential areas accordingly
  • Collaboration across departments
    The Engine Room tools are part of a larger Engine Room process. To interpret the dashboards, we bring together members from different departments (e.g. network, marketing, sales & distibution) thus creating a cross-functional analysis and action plan.

The typical impact of a War Room

Through the use of adapted local strategies (e.g. reducing network congestion, increasing point of sale density, etc.), War Room priority areas outperform control areas by 50%, generating an EBITDA uplift of 5-10%.

How does the War Room work?

We can implement the process within 6 weeks:  
  • 2 weeks to help your team to collect the data
  • 2 weeks to build and set-up the tool
  • 2 weeks to test and build your staff’s capabilities.
From a technical point of view, we use Tableau reports as dashboards. We rely on your IT to deliver the right data requests that feed the tools.
Each dashboard can be customized to your country’s specificities.