Remote BTS Site Access Control

The backbone of AKCP’s BTS Site Access Control monitoring system is the AKCess Pro Server. Installed at a central location, the AKCess Pro Server enables administration and control over your entire BTS Site Access Control infrastructure.

No Internet Connection? No Problem.

AKCP understand the challenges related to distributed network installations. AKCP designs and manufactures complete, off-grid system solutions that allow you to monitor remote sites, even over a cellular network.
AKCP’s on-board SIM-Modem ensures that your system is able to send and receive : 
  • New User / Card Data
  • Cabinet or Door Permissions,
  • Remote Unlock Actions,
  • Remote Access Logs,
  • Sensor Data Logging,
  • Alerts and Notifications,
  • Remote Site CCTV Video Capture and more…
Our intelligent remote site hardware allows you to schedule, not only when this information is sent but what information is transferred to the central office. This helps to lower cellular network costs by decreasing bandwidth requirements and increases the overall system efficiency.
If the data link between the central server and the remote site hardware is interrupted. The remote site hardware will collect and store all access, sensor and video information locally and send it once communication to the central server has been restored.
AKCP access control operates autonomously with no need for communication to a central server. To authenticate user access, the remote controller contains a complete database of up to 20,000 users.

Manage thousands of employees.

AKCess Pro Server makes it easy to add and manage users, groups, door or remote cabinet access schedules from any location.
  • Remote BTS Site Access Control Manage UsersTake control of one, easy-to-use interface and manage thousands of sites from any location in the world.
  • Names, departments and profile pictures are stored at each central server location.
  • Access Permissions can be added amended or revoked at any time.
  • Updates to Access Permissions are distributed to all cabinet locations from the software. No additional maintenance teams are required.

Access Logs and Door Status Reports

Each access attempt is recorded along with the door status. All door or cabinet access information can be exported as a report for internal QC checks.
Remote Card Swipe shown on Access Log


AKCess Pro Server can make a phone call to maintenance engineers if the remote BTS site they have been working on has not be secured correctly after having left the site.

AKCess Pro Server Automatically Calls Engineers
Remote Site Text MessageUnanswered calls can be automatically escalated to a follow up SMS or Email notification sent to multiple recipients.

AKCess Pro Server can also trigger additional on-site preventative measures such as turning on a siren alarm, a cooling system or a camera.

Off-grid rechargable power supply and battery monitoring

AKCP remote units can be used off-grid with a solar panel and battery charge controller. When in ultra low power mode, AKCP remote units draw a limited amount of power from the battery. This not only extends the life of the battery due to lowering heat dissipation, but also limits the amount of time taken to recharge the battery. This comes in useful in days of limited sunlight hours.
Temperature and Battery Health monitoring sensors can be added to check battery health so that scheduled maintenance can be arranged before power outages occur.

Synchronize Video with Event Data

Cabinet and Door Access videos can be reviewed using AKCess Pro Server from the central location. Review hundreds of hours of cabinet access attempts and filter to find critical status video in seconds. 
Cameras can be embedded into remote site cabinets to capture entry attempts on cabinets or in telecom rooms.
Choose to record 24/7 or on a sensor event to limit overall bandwidth usage.