Change Management dalam ServiceDesk Plus sekarang Free ..

IT businesses operate in a fast-paced and competitive environment. There is continuous scope for change in such environments. Most often, several changes can occur at once. Handling these changes is no doubt challenging considering that they have a huge impact on businesses. This is where change management comes into play – to better manage change and facilitate a smoother transition. It is no more a luxury, but an absolute must-have for IT businesses.
Nevertheless, most organizations don’t have a proper change process in place. A structured and process-oriented approach throughout the change lifecycle can help define clarity and move your organization successfully through change.
We, at ManageEngine, understand the challenges involved in implementing a change. That’s why we are offering change management as an add-on for Standard and Professional edition customers.

Benefits of having change management

  • Employ standardized methods and processes to enable efficient handling of changes.
  • Assess the business impact of proposed changes (costs, benefits and risks associated with the change)
  • Involve and notify each and everyone involved in the change process.
  • Plan and implement change management in an organized and documented manner.
  • Manage changes and have full control over the complete change management lifecycle
  • Implement change with least risk and with less business impact
  • Increased visibility and communication on changes to both business and service staff
  • Assess risk well in advance
  • Reduced adverse impact of changes on the quality of services and on SLAs
  • Review and close changes

How does the ServiceDesk Plus Change Management add-on help you?

  • Manage all details related to change from a single location
  • Denote significance of change using change types
  • Assign and configure access permissions to tech agents exclusively for change using change roles
  • Manage change through six change stages throughout the change lifecycle
  • Define and assign statuses under each stage of a change
  • Configure templates for commonly occurring changes
  • Analyze the level of risks in change management
  • Receive notifications based on stages and status
  • Simplify lifecycle by configuring change workflows
  • Approvals at each change of the process
  • Send recommendations to CAB members for approval
  • Document all notifications, stage comments, etc. which will help for auditing purposes and more.
Now equip your Standard and Professional editions with the Change Management module.