Menekan kerugian akibat Network Downtime, gunakan PRTG

Network Downtime Costs Money

We have seen in earlier emails how implementing SNMP can help avoid network downtime by alerting you to potential problems before they become emergencies. This is very important for your business, because downtime starts costing staggering amounts of money very, very quickly.
Consider to work for a small business which has 50 employees, each at a fully-loaded cost of approximately $10,000 per month. (This is low for experienced technical employees at present but about in-line with present expectations for white collar office workers when you calculate the costs of salary, benefits, taxes, and overhead.)
A network outage on Monday morning - even one resolved in only 30 minutes - will cost your business 25 employee-hours of productivity, because it is virtually impossible to work these days without email, access to the Internet, the documents on the file share, etc. That is a direct economic cost of over $1,500 just for one almost trivial outage.
It gets even worse for businesses which have substantial online components to their business models. For example, large e-commerce merchants who experience network problems during peak seasons can hemorrhage $100,000 in orders per minute of downtime. With this in mind you can easily communicate the demand for a full scale network monitoring solution to the responsible persons.
 SNMP Trap Receiver Sensor Details
PRTG Warns Because of Low Disk Space

Acting Pro-Actively Is Always Less Expensive than Emergency Response

If you miss a solid network monitoring solution, you are perpetually in reactive mode. Your network generates emergencies - with regularity - and you as the technical staff are bound and forced to clean them up after the business was interrupted. This prevents you from doing other high-priority work, and greatly increases costs.
Recapitulating the second part of this course, imagine that you have five load balancer switches. Suddenly, one of them shows an outage. PRTG will tell you immediately about this failure. Additionally, you can easily see how much bandwidth is left on the remaining switches. So you can see how quick you have to intervene before this issue affects your daily business due to a lack of available bandwidth on your switches.
Or analyze available storage capabilities of your database. In PRTG, you can define limits for your storage system to get a notification before your disks run full. So, being warned days before there is no disk space left and your database fails, you know when it is time to attach a new hard disk rather than being surprised of full disks and have an emergency situation.

Network Monitoring Software Is an Inexpensive Investment with High ROI

As we have pointed out previously, acting proactively will save you real money. At every step in the scale, it is vastly, vastly less expensive than expensive downtime or overprovisioning hardware. PRTG, for example, starts at only $440/ €330, which is affordable on any budget, and the overwhelming majority of our customers fit into the 1000 Sensor license at $2,700/ €2,000. When we survey our customers, they tell us that they often achieve positive ROI on PRTG within 4 months of purchasing it, due to reduced staff extra hours due to unnecessary emergency cases, reduced hardware purchases, and reduced or even avoided downtime. Tell your boss and you will get the permission to buy within no-time.
If you haven't tried PRTG yet, the 30 day free trial will show you what you have been missing. See