One Time Password dengan SendQuick ConeXa

Anda perlu membuat aplikasi yang bisa diakses dengan mudah dan aman?
Sekarang ini, aplikasi kebanyakan dibuat menggunakan platform berbasis web. Untuk menyediakan keamanan akses ke aplikasi, umumnya menggunakan beberapa pendekatan :
1. Menggunakan VPN. Staf / Pekerja yang berada di luar kantor / mobile diharuskan mengakses via VPN.
2. Menggunakan SSL. Aplikasi dipasang di server yang berbasis web menggunakan SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Semua ini ternyata tidak menjamin keamanan akses aplikasi.
Salah satu cara yang banyak digunakan saat ini adalah menggunakan OTP (One Time Password). Password dibuat / diakses hanya pada saat staf / pekerja / user akan mengakses ke sistem, dengan mengirimkan informasi login melalui media SMS.

Solusi ini bisa dijawab dengan SendQuick ConeXa.

Silahkan kontak kami untuk keperluan informasi detail mengenai ConeXa.

sendQuick ConeXa

2 FA SMS OTP To Elevate Your Remote Secure Access
As staff and customers grow increasingly mobile and globalized, secure remote access is a key area of rising importance for many enterprises. Identifying the convenience and benefits of using SMS for secure remote access, TalariaX sendQuick has come up with a SMS appliance gateway for Authentication and Authorization – sendQuick ConeXa.
sendQuick ConeXa comes with a built in server that generates a One Time Password (OTP) delivered via Short Messaging Service (SMS) which provides an added level of security to work with any RADIUS based SSL VPNs. Users do not need to install any software and will be able to access information online securely via their mobile phones without the use of tokens for greater convenience. In addition, easy integration to local, external directory or Microsoft Active Directory (AD) as well as the ability to support multiple SSL VPN sessions positions sendQuick ConeXa as a hassle free and cost effective solution for companies. Updated patches of sendQuick ConeXa offers optimized messaging speed with increased stability.
TalariaX sendQuick® ConeXa is a plug-and-play appliance with key features including:
    – SMS One-time-password (OTP) for 2-factor anthentication
    – SMS password request for On-Demand SMS OTP feature
    – Built-in authentication and authorisation server
    – Easy integration with all RADIUS based SSL VPN as well as other RADIUS based systems
    – Customizable user message with configurable OTP expiry time (minutes)
    – Support for normal SMS, Flash and Message Overwrite SMS
    – Unlimited user license
    – Scalable to support up to 32 GSM modems
    – Options for RAID and High Availability (HA) for zero down-time implementation

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